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Winter Activities Style guide ❄️

With the pandemic going on I know it can be a little hard getting out with the family. We’re cooped up and searching for things to do so I put together some cute and comfy looks you can easily throw on for any outdoor family activity from a winter walk, hot chocolate downtown, ice skating, sledding or just driving around enjoying winter lights!

Winter Activities are all about accessories to me! I love the chunky scarf trend for these kinds of outings. They look great in photos and are so versatile to keep you warm. Add in coordinating separates like a hat or booties to complete the look! These scarves are such a personality piece that you can really layer anything you want underneath for warmth, the scarf is the star of the show so layer up and shine.

Next up, the legging! What did we all do before leggings? Does anyone remember? Activities are definitely limited the past couple years so don’t be afraid to go the comfy route when getting out with the fam! Layer in your fav sweater or hoodie & get creative with your boot to really compliment a more simple bottom. Add in a cozy puffer and take on the day.

Lastly, the matching sweat-set. You can all find me here in my natural habitat. I love a great sweat set with a large chic coat. Going with a minimal monochromatic look will just give you that added layer of chic as well! Any activity that I can be in sweats and a hoodie and look fab in, count me in! Pair in a long sleeve and even a pair of leggings under this look to keep extra warm while shopping downtown or even ice skating.

P.S. If you got this far down the blog post--we'll let you in on a little secret, we're rolling out our new app that you can now get access to and work with style/beauty pros 1:1, plus, shop looks by our team. Just download and create a login 💕 Happy Styling! xoxo Chloé



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