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Wearing Versus Styling Your Clothes

Wearing vs. styling your clothes. It's all over TikTok trending right now, so let’s talk about it. We wanted to break it down and share some tips!

Your look is more than just your clothes. Most of us are constantly on the hunt for new clothes to add to our wardrobes…which is fine. BUT thinking about styling more could maximize wearing what we already have (and our budgets) 🙌🏼. Who doesn't want to do that?

Here are a couple styling tips:

The next time you think about buying more clothes, think about if you have the right pieces and accessories to style your looks. Shoes and accessories can tie your whole look together and completely change it up. Seriously, try just changing your shoes with an outfit you love. There are so many options from heels to boots, belts to bags, jewelry, sunglasses, hair accessories, scarves, and more to try out Start with your clothes as the base of your outfit, then play with adding different final touch options to turn your clothes into a full LOOK that reflects your personality and personal style Leverage layers! Jackets, cardigans, blazers and other outerwear can completely change and elevate your outfit, while adding coverage, dimension, and keeping you warm

Make getting dressed less stressful and more fun getting creative trying new ways to style your looks. Think about a recent look that were inspired by and try to re-create it!

Last, but certainly not least, consider your personal style! Your look is about you and should resemble your personal style. Looks that align to your personal style will help you feel more empowered and confident. As styling your looks and want assistance, message us on chat, instagram, or shoot us a note to anytime! We’re here to help.


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