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Why Personal Style Is Important And How To Find Yours

Why your personal style is important

“Being stylish and being fashionable are two entirely different things. You can easily buy your way into being fashionable. Style, I think, is in your DNA. It implies originality and courage.”

^ Stye icon @iris.apfel always says it best, but keep reading this post for more info. on why your personal style matters and how to find your personal style or just feel more confident in your style.

Your personal style sets you apart

Style is more than just clothes and fashion. Fashion is about things that can be purchased, and is geared toward the collective. Style is about the individual.

Your personal style is a reflection of your personal brand and how others may perceive you: your individuality, personality, lifestyle, and values. It’s a way to express yourself in a way that feels authentic. What does your style say about you?

Maximize your wardrobe

And budget. Trends come and go. Investing in timeless pieces that align with your personal style and remain relevant and versatile over time allow your wardrobe to have longevity. You’ll identify your go-to pieces and be able to create a more cohesive wardrobe around different ways to wear them.

Boost your confidence

You know those times when you’ve gotten dressed and then feel unstoppable, ready conquer the world? When you look good, you feel good. You feel more comfortable and empowered in outfits that naturally suit you and your personal style, versus trying to fit into trends/pieces/styles that might not.

Shop more intentionally

Focusing on your personal style encourages more mindful consumption and investing in higher-quality, versatile pieces that can be worn across different occasions and seasons. You won’t constantly feel like you have nothing to wear, chase trends and fast-fashion, and buy things that don’t suite your style. This benefits your budget and the environment. Win, win.

Make getting dressed more fun

When you hone in on your personal style it will streamline your wardrobe and when your wardrobe feels less overwhelming, getting dressed is faster, easier, and fun. With clothes as the the base you can mix & match to get creative styling your looks.

“The goal isn't to be pretty. The goal is to look in the mirror and enjoy what you see.” (another Iris Apfel quote) and picture of the iconic Princess Diana just to show how you can be a sweatshirt, biker shorts, and sneaks.

How to find your personal style (or just feel more confident in it)

Identify your go-tos

Style is personal! So naturally honing in on your personal style should start with YOU. Start to identify the pieces in your wardrobe that you gravitate towards the most. The pieces that you like, enjoy wearing, feel beautiful and confident. These can be clothing, shoes, or accessories! Start to pull these out of your wardrobe to identify and evaluate together. Are there themes? How do you feel when you wear these pieces?

If you're not sure your go-to pieces, look back at photos or try things to see how you feel in the moment. It is okay if it's just a couple pieces! It's also okay if you identify a piece you barely wear but love and want to wear more, maybe you just need some tips on how to style it.

If you don't love it and are unsure about it, it's not a go-to and we'll cover what to do with these items later.

Define how you want to show up

Show up for you, as the most confident version of yourself, where you look & feel your absolute best. How would you describe that ideal vibe that you want to give off and put out into the world everyday? Think about your values, personality, lifestyle, go-to pieces you enjoy wearing, what makes you unique, how you might want to be perceived. We call this your "style vibe". Now try to describe your style vibe using ~3 words:

  • Chic

  • Polished

  • On-trend

  • Cool

  • Casual

  • Approachable

  • Powerful

  • Fun

  • Minimal

  • Colorful

  • Edgy

  • Romantic

  • Preppy

  • Feminine

  • Classic

  • Coastal

  • Sexy

  • etc...

Get inspired

Use Google, Instagram, and Pinterest considering some of the descriptors above. Don’t buy anything yet!! Scan through to see what speaks to you - is it Parisian style, a celebrity wearing a look you like, a certain color? Does this change your 3 word style vibe description? Validate it?

Evaluate multiple ways to wear your go-tos and different ways to style looks vs. just wear clothes. You might learn something in the process and get inspired about trying a piece or an outfit combo you haven't yet.

Back to the basics

Investing in classic, timeless pieces will create a foundation for your wardrobe that you can build upon. We highly recommend curating your own capsule wardrobe or "mini wardrobe" of basics within your overall wardrobe. Check out our cross-season capsule wardrobe to identify the pieces that that align to your personal style and you can see yourself wearing with other pieces that resemble your personal style (not on the list). You do not need everything in the capsule wardrobe (especially if a piece doesn't align to your style or you do not enjoy or see yourself wearing). And you don't need to build out this mini wardrobe over night...

Enjoy the process

You’re not going to overhaul your wardrobe and perfectly align it to your style vibe overnight. It's important to take time to identify gaps in your wardrobe, try out new pieces, play with different outfit combinations, etc.

Before buying new pieces, jumping on trends, splurging on an item, or adding to cart just because its on sale, pause, make sure it reflects your personal style! Ask yourself if you can sleep on it to see if you really want/need it to minimize impulse purchases. We've likely all had a piece or outfit that we were influenced by or was trending and upon trying on knew immediately it was not for us. Take note of what works for you and what doesn’t. This will help you maximize your budget, plus help you shop smarter and build a more cohesive style and wardrobe that you love.

Get creative

Think of your clothes as the base and get creative with styling your looks versus just wearing your clothes. Challenge yourself, see how much you can do with what you have before buying something new. Have fun with different accessories, mixing and matching.

Align your style and wardrobe

Remember all of those non go-to items...let's talk about them. We know closet clean out days or "closet edits" are not fun for everyone, but they can be (and we can help)! While evaluating your wardrobe does take some time, it's essential to do this at least annually, ideally quarterly, and definitely when you are thinking about your personal style. The benefits are worth it:

  • ensure what you have suits your style

  • help you identify gaps in your wardrobe

  • make room for new pieces

  • create a more streamlined, organized wardrobe

  • make it easier to see what you have to make outfits with

  • make getting dressed easier and more fun

For personalized assistance from our style Pros on finding your personal style and refreshing your style and wardrobe to feel more conficent, book a session here or in our app!


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