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Let's revolutionize the way women shop local online, together.

Our all in one style + shopping platform gives women a seamless, convenient, enjoyable way to find where to shop and what to wear. Keep scrolling to learn about the opportunity for your store.

Diversify channels. Expand your reach.

Connect with the right audience of women who love to shop online but appreciate shopping locally, smaller, and more intentionally. By joining our platform, you're not just participating; you're becoming part of a movement that champions women-led local businesses.

Curated looks & content that converts

Our stylists will share and showcase your products through curated looks that can be shared with customers 1:1 as well as our larger community to shop. Similar to affiliate publishing platforms, you'll only pay for actual sales generated through our platform. Cost-effective marketing that leads to tangible results = #goals.

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Be a part of our seamless shopping experience.

We give shoppers a convenient, streamlined shopping experience by providing a single platform to discover stores, browse curated looks, and purchase products from multiple retailers at the click of a button. This ease inspires purchases and helps you scale your e-commerce.

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Engage with customers in a new way.

Like you might do in your instagram DMs, but better. We have an exclusive app created for stores that enables:

  • new & existing customers to chat with your team

  • insights on customer preferences per access to their style quiz

  • creating curated looks to share with individual customers and our public shop

  • meaningful connections that can build relationship through providing a more personalized shopping experience 

  • sharing the latest drops, collections, and deals through push notifications to stay top of mind

  • & more

We'd love to explore the opportunity to have your store on our platform

We have several (cost effective) options to partner on our platform from just connecting your store for women to discover & shop (which takes minutes) to getting access to addition platform functionality like our store app for your team. Let's chat!

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