Do you know the colors that compliment your complexion?

Understanding your complexion - specifically skin tone and skin undertone can play a huge role in helping you feel more confident in choosing the right color pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe and shades to consider for makeup.


Your skin tone may change season to season but your undertone remains the same and is a critical element to determine complimentary shades and colors.

While we of course empower you to wear the colors you love and that you look & feel your best in, we wanted to provide a resource for those that want to learn more or want to feel more confident in their color choices! Plus, we love to help you #stayprept and share key insights like the colors that can really pop on you to give you that wow factor and/or just help you avoid that line of demarcation when it comes to your makeup.

Take our quick Confident in Colors quiz to learn more about the colors that can compliment your complexion or if you already know your complexion you can jump right to our post on this  ♡ 


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I’m so excited I found Prept! Over the years I’ve tried many “personal styling, clothing-to-your-door” companies and Prept blows them out of the water! They are so much more than that!