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Our Story: About

Look good. Feel good. Right? 

If only it were that simple....we all know how challenging and time-consuming navigating fashion + beauty to “look good” can be. From staying up to date with the ever-changing brands and trends, spending hours shopping online, finding what works best for you...who has the time?

The struggle was all too real for Nicole who experienced this challenge firsthand as a bride, working woman, mom, and more. She thought that there had to be a better way and resource for assistance. While on maternity leave, Prept, a solution to this problem for women, was born.


Prept provides modern woman on-the-go, doing the most with personalized style + beauty assistance. Our virtual services are at your fingertips, anytime/anywhere through the Prept app, where each entails 1:1 connection with vetted style/beauty pros for tailored advice, shopping suggestions, and questions answered.


We exist to help you show up in style to events, refresh your everyday wardrobe, master your makeup, or just feel more confident in your clothes! We love to help women of all walks of life, ages, body types, and budgets look & feel their absolute best.

We got our start out of Charlotte, NC in '20, and have since grown beyond with clients in major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Indianapolis, & well beyond. We've been lucky to build a loyal community of 5k women and 50+ style/beauty professionals. We're now headquartered out of Raleigh, NC, serving women across the US through the Prept app!

What sets us apart:

  • We're accessible & affordable because personalized assistance and great style/beauty shouldn't be expensive, reserved for the rich and famous, or limited to a box service

  • We help you #stayPrept with our Prept memberships, so you can stay ahead of all of your style/beauty needs and avoid that frantic "OH SH*T" feeling when you have something to do, but feel like you have nothing to wear!

  • Our goal is to empower you & help you shop smarter. We'll share the best colors per your complexion, educate you on essentials to maximize your wardrobe, always seek to find you the best deals, and recommend pieces to rent / thrift / buy (because you have options)!

  • We use a combination of tech + connection to real human expertise to deliver a truly personalized experience. We get to know you and your individual needs and preferences (body type, budget, etc.) to curate accurate shopping suggestions, recommendations, and match you with real professionals

  • We're primarily virtual, but also have a pop-up "Prept Party" that we do in cities across the US, to bring our style + beauty services and team to you IRL

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