What makes Prept unique? We offer a truly personalized, fun,  & best of all AFFORDABLE experience, virtually. We get to know you, your needs, and your preferences right from the start to tailor a style/beauty experience to you. You'll connect and consult with professionals that you can work with one-time or anytime you need help!

Who is Prept for? Our clients are everyday women that want to look beautiful and put together…but without having to deal with putting it all together and figuring out style/beauty on their own! We have helped everyone from girl bosses and professionals, to creatives, to moms/moms-to-be, to brides, to students, teens, and everyone in between. Further we help all ages, all shapes/sizes, and all budgets/preferences.

What is Prept Party? Prept Party is our in-person style + beauty experience that brings babes and brands together for the ultimate girls day (or night) out! Our Personal Stylists and Beauty professionals are on-site offering personalized consultations, there are boutiques to shop local, sips/snacks, swag, photo ops, and more. Our latest events can be found here.

Are you style/beauty/digital obsessed like us and want to join the team? We'd love to hear from you.


Preparing for everyday moments and special events shouldn’t be stressful— but it is. From the countless hours spent shopping online to the struggle of mastering your makeup, looking effortlessly chic is more effort than it is chic!


"I created Prept to be a personalized, fun, interactive style + beauty experience that women could turn to with their style/beauty needs, wherever and whenever they needed help."

Prept was born out of founder, Nicole Boyd’s, personal challenge with the time and effort it took to feel beautiful for everyday and major moments her life--from her wedding, to her baby shower, and just day-to-day. She thought getting "prept" should be enjoyable vs. overwhelming. So, one day while on maternity leave from her corporate job, Prept (her 2nd baby) was born.

Prept provides personalized, yet affordable style + beauty services that are designed to help you save time/stress and feel beautiful, confident, & Prept for anything. We know women have different needs when it comes to style/beauty - so we try to offer something for everyone. From special occasion styling to everyday wardrobe advice, and makeup lessons to makeup bag makeovers, we match you to professionals that you can work with 1:1, virtually.