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Jeans & Boots Style Guide 👖

Winter and the new year are here and it is time to pull out those deep closet boots. No, not those cute fall ankle booties, I’m talking the real deals! But how to stay warm while fashionable? Don’t worry, everyone struggles with this so thank the fashion gods for awesome styles & brands to help us achieve it all this winter.

Let’s start off with the straight leg mid-calf trend we’re seeing so much of! This trend is great for so many reasons- for starters you can achieve a variety of styles with the mid-calf boot. From a square toe chic look to a chunky platform edge look! These boots are also great with jeans because it gives you the comfortability to play with your sock pairings for extra comfort and warmth, without feeling stuffed in a pant leg.

Next up, the practical snow boot! Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try there are always those days when there is no option, the snow boot must emerge (I’m talking to all my northern gals here.) thankfully for us, snow boots have come a long way! Brands like Sorel make a huge variety of wedged, furry, edgy, waterproof, & water-resistant boots that keep us practical and on the go in style! Throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans to tuck inside, layer up with a cute sock & you are ready to face the snow ❄️. If you don't have much of a winter where you live (where my Cali girls at!?) or want a more fashionable option - go for the combat boot - These Sam Eldleman's are a favorite and on SALE.

Next up, pure genius. You can go thigh-high, knee-high, mid-calf high- you choose! Either way, a tall boot is keeping you stylish and warm! These boots paired with jeans are a great winter option for a more elevated look. A tall boot can bring so much to a look be it a classic riding style, a pop of print cowboy cut, or a thigh-high classic black leather. Tuck in your favorite comfy tall socks and you are ready for the day.

Could we forget our tried and true? The UGG boot! Where a comfy slipper meets fashion. Especially this year we’ve seen a blow-up in the mini ankle UGG. UGG’s are great for a drier winter day when you just want to feel comfy cozy. Here we have some examples of the UGG dressed up with jeans in a variety of ways! The ankle cut with a side slit boot cut, the mid-calf dressed edgy with some Greg skinnies and leather accessories, and lastly the tall cut with a comfy cardigan & sweater. You have so much versatility with this boot 👢

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