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How to Build a Versatile and Fashionable Wardrobe with The Capsule Wardrobe

Think you need to spend a fortune on clothes, constantly stay up to date with brands/trends, shop till you drop, and have endless options in your closet to stay stylish? Think again. Enter the capsule wardrobe!

This concept is pretty popular these days and it is one of the top areas our clients ask us here at Prept. The capsule wardrobe is not a new concept, it is one that has been around for some time, which makes sense as it's all about finding timeless, classic pieces that can stand the test of time. So, let's talk about it! Keep reading for foundational info on the capsule wardrobe and get assistance building your own customized capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

At Prept, we define the capsule wardrobe as a "mini wardrobe" or limited number of individual pieces that can serve as your key basics, and the foundation upon which you can build a cohesive wardrobe that reflects your personal style.

A capsule wardrobe is made up of key pieces (i.e. the white tee) across categories (i.e. tops, bottoms, dresses). And these are not just any pieces, they should be pieces that:

  • are timeless, classic, stylish, “staple” pieces, not trendier items that will go out of style

  • are high-quality enabling them to be worn many times without needing to be replaced

  • you enjoy wearing, align to your personal style, and feel confident in

  • are in coordinating colors maximizing versatility and ability to mix and match with one another to create many outfits

  • can be worn across seasons

What is IN a capsule wardrobe

There are many perspectives on this from seasonal capsules and cross-season capsules to work wardrobe capsules. Everyone has a little different point of view and perspective on what these might look like.

We have curated a streamlined, cross-season capsule wardrobe that includes:

  • 8 tops

  • 7 bottoms

  • 7 dresses (includes jumpsuits and sets)

  • 8 outerwear items/layering pieces

+ shoes & accessories

Here is our lineup of categories and pieces within to consider when thinking about building a cross season capsule wardrobe.

You don't not need everything on this list and should only consider those that suit your personal style as your capsule wardrobe should be customized to you!

Most of us will have a wardrobe that consists of well beyond just the pieces in our capsule wardrobe which is fine. On the flip side, if you're totally into this concept and only want to leverage a capsule wardrobe, amazing.

You can have multiple options for a given piece, especially as you find pieces you love. For example, a sweater in multiple colors or a couple different styles/shades of blue denim.

Considering color

Let's talk color for a moment. Neutrals are key to maximize versatility and we recommend sticking to primarily neutrals for capsule items. If you love color, that is fine too, just consider coordinating colors.

You'll want to ideally pick out 2 base neutrals:

  • black

  • blue

  • green

  • cream

  • white

  • brown

  • beige

Then factor in your accent colors & patterns:

  • Consider colors that compliment your complexion

  • Consider 2-3 patterns you love, simple, versatile patterns are ideal (simple florals, stripes, etc.

Get a copy of our full capsule wardrobe guide (for just $25!!!) to build your own capsule wardrobe delivered to your inbox, including:

  • our full cross- season capsule guide and checklist

  • outfit formulas to style every piece

  • steps to build your own capsule wardrobe (including how to think about colors, patterns, etc.)

  • recommendations on our favorite brands and pieces to purchase capsule wardrobe items

Here's a snapshot of the Prept '23 fall/winter guide.

Why we love the capsule wardrobe

It is good for your wallet and the environment, win, win. When you invest in quality basics, you'll have your pieces that you can go-to to make outfits again, and again. You'll save time and save money and wont need to constantly be shopping, shipping, returning. You'll spend less on fast fashion. You might even find you are gravitating to these classic pieces more and trends less!

Less "overwhelmed with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear" and more "confident in what I have in my wardrobe and how to make outfits"! You'll have a more streamlined, simplified wardrobe and be able to save you time & energy figuring out what to wear. When you know the basics that you have to work with in your wardrobe, getting dressed becomes easier and less stressful!

You'll feel more confident understanding how to mix and match to make many outfits that you look and feel your best in.

You can get creative and have fun styling looks (post here on wearing vs. styling your clothes), doing more with less, it doesn't need to feel boring. Trust us, you'll feel more stylish. Here are 12 timeless looks based around capsule wardrobe basics.

You'll be able to better hone in on + showcase your personal style which is important. Your go-to pieces will start to define a good way! You'll be able to identify which items are your statement/accent pieces, your signature looks, the colors you love, and more.

Also, while we say "mini wardrobe" as most will have a wardrobe that consists of pieces beyond just the pieces in their capsule wardrobe. if you are totally into this concept and only want to live off of a capsule wardrobe, in which case more power to you!

For personalized assistance from style Pros that will help you curate your own customized capsule wardrobe per your unique style vibe, preferences, complexion, body type, budget, and more, book a session in our app!

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