The Capsule Wardrobe 101

Think you need to spend a fortune on clothes, constantly be shopping, and have a ton of items in your closet to stay stylish? Think again. Enter the capsule wardrobe! This concept is very popular these days and it seems like many are interested in learning more about it...but it is not a new concept, it has been around forever. Sharing some foundational info. on the capsule wardrobe in this post and how you can check out our class where we share all you need to know about one in 90 minutes.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

  • A mini wardrobe of timeless, classic, stylish, “staple” pieces that you LOVE to wear

  • A limited number of individual pieces that are versatile and that you can mix and match with one another to create many outfits

  • Essential items that you can wear across seasons

  • A streamlined collection of high-quality clothing in coordinating colors that don’t have to be constantly replaced

What is the point?

You'll save money by having your mini wardrobe that you are not constantly replacing and be able to layer in trendy, colorful items around these.

You'll save time & energy by knowing what you have to wear.

It allows you to get creative as you are doing more with less - there are literally challenges these days to see how many outfits you can make with 3 pieces...try it out, make it fun, it doesn't need to be boring.

You will be able to hone in on + showcase your personal style. Your go-to pieces will start to define a good way! You'll be able to identify which items are your statement/accent pieces, your signature looks, and more.

Is it for me?

YES. Capsule wardrobes are for EVERYONE! Did you see those benefits above!?

  • Those who don’t enjoy shopping

  • Those overwhelmed by (or just totally over) their closets

  • Those struggling to put outfits together

  • Those who want to invest in quality over quantity

  • Those into sustainability and being eco friendly

  • Those trying to save money / on a budget

  • Those who want to go more simple / minimalistic with their wardrobes

Check out our class with Skillpop where we will teach the basics of building a capsule wardrobe 7/19!

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