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Why We're Switching it Up and Shopping Smaller

While we've always loved to help women with all things style and shopping, we're switching things up. We will now be exclusively, focusing on smaller, local, women-led, fashion focused stores on our platform. In this post we'll share more on the reasons we're making this shift, why we believe in shopping more intentionally, and how we're building a platform to upgrade your shopping experience.

When You Shop Small You're Making an Impact

When you shop small you're supporting women-led businesses, the amazing entrepreneurs and teams behind them, and local communities. You're making an impact that you just won't make shopping bigger box and fast fashion brands. Sure, big-box stores offer convenience and variety. But what they often lack is soul, individuality, and the chance to truly connect with the people behind the products. 

Your purchases and honestly any support keeps these business! Or we'd only have big box options to shop...As a women-led small business ourselves, supporting women in business is important to us!

Discover New Stores

We all have our go-to's stores we shop and have been shopping forever, because it's easier than spending time searching, researching, and finding other options we enjoy and trust.

Plus, finding different smaller stores to shop can be hard to find in a sea of ads from big box brands with massive marketing budgets can feel impossible.

This is why Prept is focused on curating an amazing selection of smaller stores all across the US making it easier to find, explore different options, and shop differently! We're making it enjoyable to explore, get inspired, find fresh pieces, and new stores you enjoy. You can get on the waitlist for our new app features here.

Refresh Your Style With Unique Pieces

Forget mass-produced monotony and wearing things on Amazon storefronts that everyone else is wearing. Small shops are champions of the cool, curated, unique pieces. They often they incorporate local brands, brands you might have not heard of, smaller labels. Most small stores have different edits and drops and are constantly finding fresh pieces to try out and incorporate into your wardrobe.

You'll find when you explore smaller stores they may have different focuses and niches. For example a focus on on-trend, moms, maternity, plus size, athleisure, etc. which can be ideal as you can expect vetted products in line with this focus unlike stores that try to carry something for everyone.

Connect With Stores & Enjoy a Better Way to Shop

Our new app features will showcase stores and the stories behind them. You'll even have the ability connect with them directly. Our goal is to help you find stores that align to your values, budget, and style.

Small shop owners are passionate about their products and eager to share their expertise. Enjoy a better, more personalized way to shop with genuine connection, helpful advice, curated looks and recommendations just for you, and more. Plus, shop easier and feel more confident in your style and your purchases. You can get on the waitlist here.

The Journey

This shift and focus on shopping differently, more intentionally smaller women-led stores did not happen for Prept overnight! It has been a journey to learn about new stores, explore unique pieces, and connect with stores as we build our style + shopping platform.

Whether you're ready to exclusively shop smaller or just want to explore your options, we're excited to provide awareness to the value of shopping small and a new way to shop differently on our platform. Get on the waitlist for our new Prept app features here!

We rounded up a couple women's fashion stores in our post here and below. Some that you may not have heard of but worth checking out as just a sneak peak of what is to come as we focus on bringing you the best of smaller fashion stores.


City and Stars is a female-founded, coastal lifestyle boutique out of Oklahoma City.

GiGi New York offers a fine collection of designer leather handbags, clutches, wallets, leather accessories, and more. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Female founded out of OKC, shopmode fashion boutique brings you the latest trends in women's fashion + accessories + shoes + gifts. 

Los Angeles based clothing collection Bishop + Young is inspired by all things beautiful. They curate pieces for the woman that is empowered, culturally aware, and socially conscious. One who demands versatility in her wardrobe and lives her life on the go.

House of Olia is founded and designed by the Avila sisters: Olga, Rosalia and Gabriela. Trips to visit extended family in Guadalajara, Mx., left its mark on the sister’s imagination. Family time, no matter where they were, was always an immersive experience in mother nature’s elements. All of the jewelry is handmade by them at their Newport Beach headquarters. Every piece is intended to renew, awaken and fill the heart with purpose. Each crystal or pearl has a story, healing properties, raw edges and textures in its beauty - just like all of us. 

Greylin provides women with a line that remains timeless throughout seasons at an obtainable price.

Founded in 2010 by Grayson and Buddy DiFonzo, BuddyLove is a designer brand that offers bold prints, bright colors and trend driven designs.

EMILIA GEORGE is a motherhood boutique brimming with unique finds and everyday essentials to celebrate the moms in your life.

Carly Jean Los Angeles is a capsule clothing and lifestyle brand that exists to help women simplify their closets and feel beautiful in every season of life.

UntamedPetals focuses on unique, high-quality jewelry for brides and beyond. They have now branched out and also offer clothing as well.

Founded by a mother daughter duo based out of California, Lulus has affordable, on-trend, stylish clothing for women.

Altair is focused on loungewear for life with pairings for every occasion.

Longtime friends Cassandra Cannon and Anne Read Lattimore were on the hunt for something they simply couldn’t find: classic pajamas that were both stylish and comfortable. They teamed up to found LAKE, the Savannah, Georgia-based sleepwear phenomenon beloved by editors and coveted by customers for incomparable softness and a commitment to elevated sleep style.

Gorjana, the LA-based women's jewelry brand, has established a niche of easy, go-to, accessible, interchangeable jewelry pieces that go with everything!

Based out of Phoenix, AZ, Shop Priceless searches the corners of the world for affordable, unique, and gorgeous pieces of clothing - a priceless outfit for every occasion.


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