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7 Reasons Why You Need A Prept Virtual Beauty Consult

Prept might be known for its amazing network of personal stylists, but did you know that Prept also provides virtual beauty consultations as well? Prept employs a network of professional makeup artists across the U.S. who are ready to help you put your best face forward. Here are 7 reasons why you should book a Prept Virtual Beauty Consult!

1. Build a Makeup Routine

Building an everyday makeup routine is a lifelong skill that women of every age can learn. It’s never too late to hone your makeup skills! Once you learn the basics, you can build on your expertise and start experimenting with new techniques and products. Working with a professional makeup artist through Prept will give you the confidence to build a simple, foundational makeup routine that you can master in no time. This will save you time, stress, and effort during your morning routine. If you’ve already perfected your everyday makeup routine, consider gifting Prept to someone who could use a few makeup pointers! Trust us, they will thank you!

2. Clean Out Your Makeup Bag

Let’s face it. Most of us don't want to admit how long we’ve had that bottle of discontinued foundation in our makeup bag but we know it's long past the expiration date. And that’s an understatement. We all have products in our makeup bags that we can’t stand to replace, but for the sake of our skin, can’t afford not to! One of the benefits of a virtual beauty consult with Prept is cleaning out your makeup bag with the help of a pro! You can talk through your product preferences with a professional makeup artist and they can recommend product substitutions for your favorite discontinued products.

3. Work 1:1 With a Professional Makeup Artist

Every beauty consultation begins with a client questionnaire, which you can quickly and easily complete on the Prept mobile app. Once you submit your questionnaire, the makeup artist handling your consult will be able to see your skin type, makeup style, and preferences. They will come to your appointment ready with specific product recommendations based on your answers. You can even stay in touch with your artist through the chat feature on the Prept app if you have any questions after your consultation.

4. Discover New Products

During a Prept Virtual Beauty consult you’re bound to discover new products that you’ve never tried before. One of our Prept pros can tell you what is (and isn’t) worth the hype so you can save your money and spend it only on the best products for you! Using our shop feature, you can explore new looks created by our Prept pros and purchase all the products they used directly through the app!

5. Learn Application Techniques

It can be very overwhelming to scroll through social media watching makeup tutorials in order to find methods that work for you. Most of the time, artists and influencers get paid to promote certain brands and product launches but don’t give much detail about the application process. Watching a video doesn’t always give you a step-by-step explanation for prepping your skin, applying makeup, and setting it in place. Luckily, the focus of a Prept virtual beauty consultation is providing education first! You’ll be paired with a professional makeup artist that will not only recommend specific products for your skin and face shape but will also explain how to use the products. When you learn how to prep your skin and apply your products correctly, you’ll see a major improvement in your overall makeup application skills!

6. Get Color Matched

Even for makeup artists, walking into Sephora, Ulta, or other makeup stores can be intimidating. There are always so many new products and salespeople trying to sell you things you probably don’t need. One of the main reasons to shop for makeup in person is to get color matched. You may want to switch foundation brands but aren’t sure what shade you should purchase. One of the best things about a Prept beauty consult is that you can actually get color matched virtually! Just let your artist know the brands and shades of foundation you’ve used in the past and they can recommend similar brands and suggest the right shades to try. Our Prept Pros are professional makeup artists with years of experience in the industry. They can also recommend blush, eyeshadow, and lip colors that will complement your complexion and style!

7. Create a Makeup Look for an Event

Getting your makeup done for an event is always a nice way to relax. Unfortunately, getting your makeup done professionally can be costly and time-consuming so it’s important to know how to do your own event makeup when the occasion arises. You can book a Prept virtual beauty consult to learn how to create a specific look for a party, wedding, interview, photoshoot, or another important event! Just share inspiration photos with your Prept Pro and they will help you develop a makeup look that matches your vision, recommend products to use, and show you how to apply them!

Booking a virtual beauty consult through Prept is an easy and affordable way to perfect your makeup application technique and find your new favorite products! Our Prept pros are certified makeup artists and experts in the beauty industry. To get matched with a Prept professional and to book a beauty consult, just download the Prept app, create your account, and complete the beauty questionnaire! See you in the app!


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