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Wardrobe Essential: The Blazer

Traditionally, the blazer was a piece that was reserved for the business setting. Now, we see blazers styled with everything from dresses all the way to athletic wear and worn in the workplace, home offices, out on date night, to run errands...the list goes on. Want to learn a little more on incorporating the blazer into your wardrobe and how to style the blazer? Keep reading to learn more on the different blazer styles, how to wear them, and our top picks right now!

The One Button Blazer

The one button blazer typically is more tailored and a fitted blazer option that doesn't fully cover the bum. It has a feminine, professional vibe as it is a style of blazer typically reserved as a woman's style of clothing (you don't see these on men). Given the fitted nature you will want to choose lighter tops and simple sleeves for a comfortable fit underneath. This style is not completely covering, and therefore displays the outfit you choose underneath.

Ways to wear:

  • as a matching set with matching trousers/shorts/skirt and a camisole underneath

  • over a mini dress paired with heels or knee high boots

  • with a flowy skirt and fitted top to accentuate the top of your look and give dimension

  • with denim and a more fitted top underneath

  • with pattered trousers and a simple top

  • with neutral trousers letting the blazer be the statement

The Two-Three Button Blazer:

The two - three button blazer is a power move and instantly elevates any look. It has a slightly androgynous feel if more roomy and oversized resembling the mens style of the blazer. Given the more boyfriend style you'll want to pair more fitted pieces underneath or pieces like a If you're a corporate girl, aspiring businesswomen, find yourself on zoom calls, or just want to elevate your look, you definitely need this piece.

Ways to wear:

- patterned blazer with an all black outfit underneath for an effortlessly chic look

- neutral blazer with gold buttons over a dress, jumpsuit for a sophisticated look

- paired with an fitted leggings/denim, fitted tank/bodysuit/tee, and loafers for smart casual look

- with shorts, tank/t-shirt and sneakers for casual vibe or heels for elevated casual vibe

The Shawl Style:

The shawl style is a more comfortable, casual style of blazer without buttons. This style is able to be dressed up and down and a great option for those that #wfh or are on-the-go. You can throw on this simplistic yet, high quality blazer over any look on a chilly evening or just to add that extra element.

Ways to wear:

  • pair a neutral option with a denim/legging outfit

  • wear it over a fitted dress

  • over your athleisure

The Statement Blazer:

A great way to turn heads wherever you wear a blazer is by starting with a bold color or pattern. Incorporate a different material on the blazer such as velvet, suede, or tweed for a fun touch to your outfit. Style with neutral or complementing pieces to avoid competition and for a balanced look. We typically see women opting for a special statement blazer that is "on brand" to wear in headshots/photoshoots, to special occasions and events, or just a quality signature option to wear work to weekend!

Ways to wear:

  • oversized over a dress

  • colorful tweed blazer with denim and loafers

  • colorful blazer with faux leather leggings/denim + heels

Top Blazer Picks Right Now (Jan '23)

  1. SHEIN ($22) - shawl style

  2. Lulus ($56) - shawl style

  3. The Drop ($60) - 1 button style, longer option

  4. A&F ($96) - 1 button

  5. BLANK NYC ($98) - statement, vegan leather

  6. NIC + ZOE ($118) - shawl style

  7. Halogen (Nordstrom) ($119) - shawl style, relaxed fit

  8. Express ($128)- boyfriend style

  9. Z Supply ($129)- 1 button style, tailored fit

  10. Camila Coelho($198) - 1 button, boyfriend style, multiple colors

  11. Banana Republic ($230)- 1 button, tailored style, multiple colors

  12. Amanda Uprichard ($264) - 1 button, multiple colors (white for brides!)

  13. L'Academie ($298) - statement blazer

  14. Favorite Daugher ($328) - 1 button, slim fit

  15. Anine Bing ($500) - statement blazer

Beyond the above you even have the cape blazer, blazer dress, & more... there are SO many fun styles to choose from! If you want help selecting and styling blazer options for YOU, per your body type, complexion, budget, and more? Book one of our virtual styling services and 1:1 time with a Pro that can curate looks & advice just for you in our app!

Just have styling questions? You can also chat with the Prept Team in our app / text us anytime @ 855-582-3573


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