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Prept Transforms: An All-in-One Style and Shopping Experience that Empowers Women and Women-led Businesses

I'm Nicole Boyd, founder of Prept, and I'm thrilled to share some exciting news! We're undergoing a revolutionary transformation, all with the goal of making your life easier and more stylish.

In 2020 I launched Prept per my own personal struggle – looking good and feeling good for every occasion was important, but I struggled with the constant "what to wear, where to shop" dilemma. I was over the overwhelming online shopping experience and thought there had to be a better way.

Since our launch we've been able to help thousands of women through our app and virtual style (and even beauty) services that connected women to our network of professionals for personalized assistance. We've gotten feedback all along the way to evolve, enhance, and adapt our platform, but a couple key learnings stood out and have paved the way for this transformation:

  • Women want to find new places to shop and fresh unique pieces

  • Women need flexible solutions to work for their budgets and busy schedules

  • Curated looks are great, but shopping for them with all the links, tabs, and carts is still a struggle

  • Women are interested in shopping more intentionally and shifting away from fast-fashion

  • There are so many benefits of shopping smaller, local stores

That's why we're doubling down on our mission to empower women with a seamless, all-in-one style and shopping solution. We're waving goodbye to the endless scrolling, multiple tabs, carts, and same old big box brands that dominate online shopping.


The Prept Platform is getting a serious GLOW UP ✨

And it's about time after first launching our app back in 2021, learning and listening to your feedback, and spending almost a year working on new features. Show up in style to every occasion. Feel beautiful, confident, & Prept for every occasion with your new all-in-one style + shopping app.

New features explained:

👀 Discover + Connect with smaller, women-led stores with amazing, unique, pieces

✨Find what to wear for any occasion with curated looks that take the guesswork out of making outfits. We’ll drop these for you to shop weekly on Friday. These will feature items across the stores on our platform!

📱Shop full looks or individual items right within the app—no more links, and tabs that just accumulate and are overwhelming for you!

🛒 Seamless checkout: Breeze through checkout with a universal cart, eliminating the hassle of app hopping and juggling multiple carts. You can add items from any store on our platform to a single cart - for simple, easy checkout

🛍️Find you personalized looks, favorites, & purchases all in 1 place (your profile)

Unlock your style potential with the ability to continue to book style sessions that connect you with our style advisors. They'll help curate looks just for you across any store on our platform, plus provide personalized advice.


A Powerful Platform Built by Women, For Women, That Supports Women-Led Stores

Coupled with some of the learnings I shared previously, as we held pop up events across the country we got to know so many local stores, helped women shop them, and fell in love with their products, stories, and teams. Late last year, we decided to make a pretty big pivot to exclusively focus our platform on small, women-led businesses per the benefits.

We're curating a selection of smaller, women-led stores across the US that we personally know and have vetted. We integrate with these stores directly to enable a powerful, innovative experience on our platform:

  • For you: A better way to navigate all things style + shopping

  • For women-owned businesses: Unlock store growth with our digital channel that seamlessly integrates to existing e-commerce and provides an app for stores to provide a more personalized shopping experience to women.

  • For our network of women stylists: Doing what they love styling looks and providing personalized style advice to help women feel more confident

Our plan is to introduce 5 to 10 new stores to our platform every month! You can meet the first 5 stores in our launch on IG and our other social channels.

Prept is now so much more than just personal styling. We're creating a complete shopping experience that empowers women and fosters the success of women-led businesses. Our aim is that you feel more confident in your style and your purchases. When you shop in the Prept app you're supporting women-led businesses, the amazing entrepreneurs behind them, and local communities. You're making an impact you just won't make shopping big box brands. 


Our new features will launch NEXT WEEK.

Set a reminder on IG and be sure to turn on notifications for our app so you don't miss it. As we approach and in our first month of this launch we'll be sure to share all about the new features that you can expect.

Note that if you have our app already, to access new features you'll need to head to the App Store to upgrade the app to the latest version so you can access. It is a new phone based more seamless, secure login for you - no more having to remember that password :).

Email us if you need any assistance, have any questions, or want to share feedback!

Get ready for a personalized style experience, effortless shopping, and the chance to support amazing women-owned businesses.

Thank you so much for being a customer, app user, or even just part of this community and supporting our journey as we continue to build and create an amazing experience for women. We couldn't do this without you and can't wait to see what you think! <3


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