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Smaller Stores We Love To Shop For Comfortable, Effortless Essentials

We saw a podcast episode recently by The Lady Gang and it was spot on to a theme we’ve been seeing talking to many women.

The theme: Women end up buying more/spending more on clothing they might wear once to a special occasion or outing, something more dressed up than their norm, yet buying less/spending less on pieces they love to wear all the time, feel confident in, and align to their lifestyle.

The result: Not getting the most for the money you’re spending, a less versatile wardrobe, constantly spending time shopping, and the dreaded closet full of clothes, nothing to wear feeling.

Ideally: Investing in pieces that suite your personal style and lifestyle always take priority. You can still by occasion specific outfits…but don’t neglect and focus more on the essentials or as we like to call them: your MVPs! Think: versatile, cool, comfortable pieces that allow you to feel stylish and maximize their wardrobe. Pieces that take you work to weekend, errands to brunch, on trips, and more.

Keep scrolling for some inspo and our picks to shop from smaller stores!

Z Supply

This brand tops our list for cool, comfortable, versatile pieces! With simple patterns, tons of neutrals, and quality materials, we highly recommend checking out

Cozy set: Top / Bottoms


Affordable, great quality, low maintenance, highly rated essentials. Several washable silk options we highly recommend


With a whole section dedicated to coordinated pieces, you’ll just see why essentials exude style when you shop this store. They make even the most basic pieces look anything but boring

Sabo Skirt

Beautiful, quality versatile yet unique pieces that you just wont find at bigger box stores. Best selling items sizes sell out super fast but are often restocked

Mother Denim

The most comfortable denim with tons of styles that just make you feel instantly stylish whenever, wherever you wear them

Ruthie Grace

We recently found this local TX based store and are a fan. Founded by a mama (who clearly knows the power of essentials) that offers frequent fresh drops that keep you wanting more

Show Me Your Mumu

Cool, comfortable, fun pieces that give LA cool vibes per the brands Cali roots


Daily drops where each has options for amazing, affordable, everyday pieces keep our eyes on this store


Female founded store with their own label as well as other brands. All give chic, comfortable, effortless essential  vibes

Favorite Daughter

Founded by 2 famous sisters with a focus on comfortable, cool, and classic pieces

Hello Molly

While this store has tons of gorgeous special event looks…they also have so many classic styles and solid options that will allow you to wear pieces more than once #goals


A brand that started with cult favorite leggings literally has it ALL these days with a focus on classic essentials. Even the coziest items (like this set) some how are versatile enough to wear to work…

We could go on with stores and essential picks for DAYS so we’ll be back with more soon <3

Want help finding everyday pieces that suit your lifestyle and personal style?Shoot us a reply, we’d love to help!


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