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Prept Platform For Women's Fashion Businesses: Connect Your Store to Try Out Prept!

This post explains how to connect your Shopify store to Violet, our unified shopping solution and then get all setup in the Prept app for Stores.

First, head to our Prept connect onboarding tool to complete each step, note that you will need to:

  • Integrate to your existing Stripe account to automatically receive payouts from our platform upon any sales generated (at the time of the sale)

  • Set 15% as the commission rate as this the % our platform “takes” for sales that we are able to facilitate per the costs to maintain the platform and features as well as market the platform

Next, you’ll head to your Shopify where you’ll create a Shopify Custom App to access then provide the generated credentials to our Prept connect onboarding tool at the point in the workflow when you’re asked.

You will retain full control of the created Custom App and can modify or remove it at any time from within their Shopify dashboard. Total time for completion is around 3 minutes.


A merchant must have a minimum Shopify plan of Basic to be able to connect with Violet.

Step 1: Creating the Custom App

  1. From your Shopify dashboard navigate to Settings → Apps and sales channels → Develop Apps.

  2. Click the green Create an app button.

  3. In the modal that appears, enter an app name (ex. Violet) and select the user in your system who should be the owner of this app. Typically this is the default selected user.

Step 2: Configuring Scopes

From the app view click Configuration then click Configure in Admin API integration.

The following access scopes are the minimum required for Violet to perform all necessary functions against your store. If any additional scopes are required by certain channels within Violet, these will be communicated to you when you enable to channel. Note: any topics with a writescope will automatically include the equivalentread* scope. This is by design from Shopify.*

write_customers and read_customers - used to add new customers when perform non-guest checkouts.

write_draft_orders and read_draft_orders - used to populate and submit orders into your system.

read_fulfillments - used to read and communicate order fulfillment statuses to the channel.

read_inventory - used to read inventory data related to your products.

write_orders and read_orders - used to update and read orders previously submitted by Violet into your system.

read_price_rules - used to understand the pricing rules related to your discounts.

read_discounts - used to understand the combination policies of your discounts.

read_products - used to read your product catalog.

read_shipping - used to understand your shipping policies.

read_​markets - used to understand the regions you ship to.

Webhook subscriptions should be left in the default state with the latest version being selected.

Step 3: API Credentials

From the app view click API credentials then click Install App

Access Token

This token is used to authenticate requests made by Violet when interacting with your store. Important: this value can only be viewed once. It’s recommended that you copy and paste it into a temporary location until you finish the Violet onboarding process. If you lose this value before completing the Violet onboarding process you must uninstall the create app and start over.


This key is used in combination with the API Secret Key to verify and authenticate certain actions or events.

API Secret Key

This key is used in combination with the API Key to verify and authenticate certain actions or events.

Step 4: Provide Configured App Credentials to Violet

Once your app is fully configured, it’s time to return to the Violet Connect onboarding tool and enter the follow credentials created in the previous steps:

  • Access Token

  • API Key

  • API Secret Key

Once entered, click the Connect button to validate the credentials and complete the connection between your store and Violet. If the credentials are invalid you should check for any spaces or other copy/paste errors and try again.

Upon success you will be redirected to your Store page that is all setup.

If you encounter any issues or have questions throughout this process, simply reach out to and we'll be in touch to assist.

Step 5: Receive Login Info From Prept

Within 1 business day we'll be in touch to share your store login information that you can use to login to the Prept app for Stores & Stylists. From here you will be able to check everything out with your store inventory all synced up and available real-time.

Note at this point your store will not be LIVE on our platform, we'll check in after providing your credentials and a guide on how to use our app for stores to see what you think, make sure everything works for you, conduct any desired training, and coordinate on going LIVE and launching on our platform. Chat soon!


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