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Spring and Summer capsule wardrobe

A classic Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe starts with these 15 essential pieces:

  1. Elevated tank

  2. Casual tank

  3. T-shirt

  4. Button-up

  5. Lighter layer

  6. Blue jeans

  7. White pants

  8. Casual skirt/short

  9. Elevated skirt/short

  10. Sundress

  11. Casual dress

  12. Elevated dress

  13. Leather sandal

  14. White sneaker

  15. Sunglasses

In this post we'll share some foundational info. on each of these and our top Prept picks in each category. For more personalized assistance from our style Pros and to build a capsule collection of your own, book a session here or in our app!

Silky tank

A dressier tank option like a silky tank or camisole is key to elevate your spring/summer wardrobe. Go for a washable silk option for easy maintenance!

Layering tank

This piece can be a solid neutral tank or bodysuit but one that is fitted enough to allow for a clean, polished, yet comfortable look. While key for layering (i.e. wearing under sweaters, blazers, jackets, etc.), hence the name, making it versatile to wear across seasons, it can totally be worn alone to make a cool, effortless outfit.


For your t-shirt, we aren't talking about your average t-shirt that you'll wear everyday, workout in, etc. This t-shirt is a classic neutral option. We recommend going with the quintessential white t-shirt. You'll want to keep this piece nice and hung up in your wardrobe so you can maintain the quality and ability to dress up and down.


One of the most classic pieces that is perfect for pairing with shorts, pants, even layered with a dress and over swim. For this you can go for a more tailored fit for an elevated dressier feel or a boyfriend, oversized white button up style for a little more room, versatility, and comfort.

Lighter wash jeans

A lighter wash pair of jeans in a straight leg, kick, cropped, or other classic style with minimal distress is key. These will look good and pair perfectly with shoe options from flip flops and sneakers to nicer sandals in summer and even your boots as seasons transition into fall.

White pants

While most of us probably have a love/hate relationship with white pants per how hard they can be to stay perfectly clean and white, these are still an essential piece. Plus, theres little a good tide white pen and wash/dry clean can't solve these days. For both denim and trouser options, you'll want to check the lining and if they give you the coverage you're looking for. When in doubt, plan on nude underwear per the light nature.

Madewell high rise vintage jean $128

Casual skirt/shorts

When it comes to shorts, for a more casual option you can do a white/off-white pull on short, paperbag short, or jean short. For a nicer option you can dress up, go for a white skirt or short in a more elevated fabric with tailoring.

Elevated skirt/shorts

For a nicer skirt/short option you can dress up we recommend adding a little more length, a more elevated fabric, and an option with nicer tailoring.


A sundress is a lighter, looser/flowy, sleeveless dress, typically having a wider neckline and thin shoulder straps. It should be able to be dressed up and down leveraging shoes and accessories. Lenin is a popular fabric when it comes to this dress. We recommend a solid neutral color or simple pattern. There are so many options for this piece across mini/midi/maxi lengths and will come down to preferences.

Casual dress

This will be a shirt dress, knit, or cotton dress option depending on your preferences for style in this category. We recommend a solid neutral color for this to maximize versatility and wear many times as a dress you can grab and go in. There are so many options for this piece across mini/midi/maxi lengths and will come down to preferences.

Elevated dress

This is a dress that you can wear to weddings, events, galas, date nights, and more. Look for an elevated fabric like silk, satin, or polyester.

Slip dress

Leather Sandal

A classic, comfortable pair you can slide on that will last several summer seasons without going out of style. We recommend a good leather option (vegan or real leather count).

White Sneakers

White sneakers are quite possibly the most important staple in your wardrobe if you're a gal on the go. White sneakers can be so versatile and are the perfect addition to any look casual, cool, effortless look.


A good classic black, tortoise, or metal frame sunglass is the perfect addition on a sunny day (or any day really).

Optional additions:


A matching set that you can wear as a ready-made outfit, plus, use to mix and match, making many outfits. A romper or jumpsuit also works in this category as an all in one outfit option.


A classic swimsuit especially if you are living by the water and frequent the pool, beach, etc. This could be a one-piece or bikini style per your preference in a neutral color like black!

Cover up

While a white button up or other clothing can of course suffice to cover up swim, a good cover up is always a good option to have on hand for beach trips, pool days, and vacations.

Woven bag

Add in a woven or straw bag to give your look the ultimate spring/summer vibes

Straw Hat

A good straw or woven hat for summer is perfection to wear when your on day 5 dry shampoo, to protect your skin from the sun, and to accessorize your outfit! Of course, not everyone is a hat gal, so this one is on our optional add-ons list.

Lighter layer

A white or off-white and/or camel blazer are perfection for spring/summer seasons. We recommend a white linen option to mix into your wardrobe to add in a lighter fabric option to wear as it gets warmer, plus have different texture blazers in your wardrobe.

Find more on the capsule wardrobe and our cross-season capsule here! Don't forget to book a session with a stylist here or in our app for more personalized advice and shopping suggestions tailored to your individual needs.


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