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Prept Stylists Spring/Summer Must Haves: Denim Shorts

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer and it is FINALLY time to pull out those cute Spring and Summer outfits. One item in particular that should be a must have in your wardrobe during these warmer months? A cute (and comfortable) pair of denim shorts. After a fun brainstorming session, the Prept stylists team came up with a few of their favorite brands for denim shorts.

Beth Bucher - 12th Tribe Vintage Levi Thrasher Jean Shorts

“UNREAL! I cannot wait to bring mine back out!"

12th Tribe Vintage Levi Thrasher Jean Shorts

Andie Gechtman - Reformation Denim Shorts

“Reformation denim shorts fit so well!”

Reformation Max Mid Rise Relaxed Short

Safiya Cherry - Levi’s Denizen Denim Shorts

“I love my Levi’s! The Denizen line has just enough stretch!”

Levi’s Denizen Shorts

Stephanie Aponte - Topshop Mom Shorts

“Topshop’s mom shorts are great!”

Topshop Mom Shorts


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