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Pre-Fall Pieces To Start Incorporating Now

It's that time of year where Fall is approaching and we slow our warmer weather purchases in search of some more transitional pieces. Here are some ideas, inspiration and tips for pieces that can help you transition your wardrobe between seasons and stay stylish "pre fall".

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall is all about adding layers and incorporating warmer pieces while still making use of some of your summer favorites. Here are some key pieces (all under $200!) and tips to help you seamlessly transition your wardrobe:

Light Blouses

Longer sleeve tops in breathable fabrics can be paired with your summer skirts or shorts now and then pants later. They provide extra coverage and warmth on cooler days/nights while still being comfortable.

Sleeved dresses

Chic, comfortable options you can throw on and style with most any shoe from sandals in summer to boots and booties. Highly recommend considering the shirtdress >> more here on this piece.


Lightweight camisoles can be worn under blouses, open cardigans, paired with blazers and other outerwear options to provide an extra layer of warmth without bulk.

Close toed shoes

From fun flats, sling-backs, mules, and lighter color booties, you've got options to play with

Light sweaters

Opt for lightweight sweaters in materials like cotton, linen, or lightweight knits. These are perfect for layering over your summer tops or dresses to add warmth without feeling too heavy.

Mock neck tanks

A mock neck has a loose-fitting collar with no extra fabric to fold and style. A tank top with just a little extra coverage on the neck. Even this slight extra fabric adds warmth makes your look less summer-y making it an easy piece to play with to transition your wardrobe. This style gives a chic, polished vibe and it perfect for your work wardrobe and beyond.


Cardigans are versatile and can be worn over tanks, tees, or even dresses. They're great for those early fall days when the weather is still a bit unpredictable. This piece comes in a variety of style. Shorter options are classic while longer length dusters/shawls offer a chic, elongating vibe.

Cropped pants

The perfect pant style to transition between seasons as pants with a wide leg or kick out are a great option for paring with most any shoe including boots!

Light sweater dresses

It's not too soon to be thinking ahead to sweater dress season, as light sweater dresses are a year round staple! Especially a midi length that is versatile to dress up / down. Scroll through to find our favs for this piece including some fun set options where you get 2 pieces for the price of 1 to maximize your wardrobe!

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