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N-sale finds!

We all know the Nordstrom sale is a whole thing... so naturally we had to cover it. There are so many great deals that sell FAST and you typically need to have a card / status to be the first to really take advantage of the sales or shop in general before the sale is public!

I am recommending several personal/client favorites below to consider, but please reach out to if you want to work with a stylist for personalized recommendations or if you need any help/questions while shopping!

Makeup + Skincare



Vince Camuto Blouse (option 1 sleeved)

P.S. You can literally not beat the quality of Barefoot Dreams for items to throw on for a zoom call, be cozy at home, run errands in, stay warm in, etc.


Shoes & Accessories

Will add more as I find and browse the sale for myself!!!




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