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Leveraging Layers: Maximize Your Wardrobe and Outfits with Outerwear

Winter = outerwear season and time for one of our favorite style concepts: layering. Layering is just as it sounds, adding layers of clothing to your base outfits like jeans + top or a dress.

Outerwear is not only functional and essential in the cooler seasons but a key way to maximize your wardrobe year-round (yes you can still wear your tanks and skirts in winter). Keep reading to learn more on outerwear options and all of the key layers, our top picks for each style/type, and tips.

The Wool Coat

Let's start with the classic long wool coat, a wardrobe staple for any fall/winter wardrobe. It gives "timeless elegance". This coat is an absolute essential. It's chic, slimming, warm but not too heavy and bulky, and versatile.

There are of course options for the wool coat, the most timeless will be your full length (below the knee to almost to the floor) wool coats, especially in a neutral color. This style will provide the most coverage and warmth and balance with your longer dresses/skirts, pants, and honestly compliment any outfit, even athleisure. You can of course select a style that is shorter, a pea coat option and these are a great bet for petites.

  • Consider a neutral color like beige/camel, white/off-white, grey, or black as this will be the most versatile

  • To make your outfit pop with your coat, try contrasting colors – a camel coat over a black ensemble is pure sophistication.

  • Add a belt to cinch your waist for a feminine touch or keep it loose for a relaxed vibe

The Puffer

Puffer jackets are super comfortable, warm, and such a fun outerwear option. They are actually more popular than ever with trendy colorful options, leather options, fuzzy options and will not be going out of style anytime soon.

  • Rock a puffer with athleisure and a cool pair of sneaks or classic white sneaker

  • Embrace the oversized puffer for an effortless, off-duty model vibe

  • Go for a color / texture to have some fun with this option and incorporate your personal style

The Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket (vegan leather counts) is such an easy go-to to have in your wardrobe to add just the right amount of edge to any look. While a black leather jacket is classic there are also some versatile darker hues like a darker green and burgandy. Lighter colors are also an option to mix up your wardrobe and white is of course perfection for our bride babes.

  • Wear it on or over the shoulders for a chic look.

  • Go for a fitted or a more roomy/oversized style or somewhere in the middle per your personal preferences and style

  • Style a leather jacket with jeans and a tee for an effortless look

  • Pair a leather jacket paired with a with a flowy dress for and edgy chic look

  • Suede is also an option were adding into this category for a lighter touch to the leather jacket

The Fur Coat

The perfect option to wear over any of your more elevated looks and make a statement. Highly recommend this piece to dress up your look for date night, pack on winter vacays, wear with your nicer event outfits, and more. The faux options have gotten crazy good where you can barely even tell they are faux these days.

Also in this category, teddy coats. These are are like a warm hug on a chilly day. Pair them with a cozy sweater dress and knee-high boots for a chic and comfortable ensemble. The soft texture of teddy coats adds a touch of luxury to your everyday winter look.

The Trench Coat

Trench coats have been a fashion favorite for generations, and they never go out of style. Drape a classic beige trench over a monochromatic outfit (same color different shades and textures) for a polished appearance.

Opt for a bold-colored trench to make a statement with your looks and incorporate your personal style. More casual, shawl like, shorter options that are a layer but less coat-like will be less classic but are still a great option to try out to play with the trench style and incorporate a layer int your wardrobe and looks.

The Denim Jacket

The classic blue is a go-to but there is also white, light blue, black to think about incorporating to maximize your denim jacket options. Further you've got the fitted style and oversized to play with - the fitted is more versatile to dress up and down whereas the oversized is more casual.

A denim jacket is a great option to make any look, even a nicer floral dress, more casual and allow you to give that same base outfit a whole different look.

The Vest

Vests are excellent layering pieces for fall and winter. Slip a quilted vest over a long-sleeve top and jeans for an easygoing look. Belted vests can define your waist, creating a more structured silhouette.

The options in this category range from casual puffer options to more classic quilted vests. You've also got some cozy knit styles that can give a more elevated feel. Pair a vest with your go-to athleisure or denim + top outfits for a cool look.

  • A classic quilted with gold hardware gives off a more preppy feel but can still be dressed down.

  • A more casual quilted can be paired with athleisure or a jeans/top look.

  • Sherpa style / fuzzy options, puffer vests (more oversized feel), and faux leather

The Cardigan

Cardigans are always a great, cozy layer to consider, with options from the classic and more preppy style cable knit cardigan with buttons to matching sets to more casual shawl styles. Our personal favorite is the cardigan set and 2 for 1 option that is an easy outfit when paired with denim, trousers, leggings, or a skirt.

  • A style without buttons gives a casual feel

  • A duster, "coatigan", or "sweater blazer" that is longer to the mid-calf will have a slimming effect.

  • Pair a flowy cardigan that hits below the waist with fitted bottoms and tank/bodysuit for a balanced look

The Blazer

Elevated casual in a blazer and a tank (like a camisole) and denim. Go most casual pairing with sneakers, dress up in pumps, nice sandals, boots. Dressing business professional in a blazer + slacks combo. Note that it doesn't need to be matching to be professional but a matching set is the most professional option.

The Shacket

The shacket doesn't need to be plaid, though there are many plaid options available. You can go for a leather/ faux leather or shearling option

The Sweatshirt

Who doesn't love this category and finding a piece in this category that is your go-to year round...or maybe even a super fashionable option...Sweatshirts over turtlenecks and paired with bikers/leggings like we've all seen with the popular Anine Bing option / something similar varsity style.

Heavier Winter Coats

Whether you need the full blown "sleeping bag" to brave the winters or just an option for winter vacays and throwing on 1 month out of the year, this is the functional category of coat where you want good quality and not to mess around, while of course still thinking about a style and something you'd like to wear.

Which category is your favorite?!

Don't forget to also consider your outfit base to let the outerwear compliment it. Investing in base pieces like bodysuits, turtlenecks, mock necks, tanks, and t-shirts, slip dresses and skirts, etc. are key to have elements that fit well with your outerwear (i.e. bodysuits, tanks, t-shirts, mock necks, etc.).

To create a balanced look, pair flowy, roomy, oversized outerwear with more fitted pieces or pieces with some tailoring and structure underneath. Pair more fitted outerwear (i.e. tailored blazer or fitted leather jacket) with more fitted or lighter tops/dresses so it fits comfortably and pair with fitted midi/maxi dress or bottom fitted/slightly less fitted (i.e. straight leg jeans, wide leg trousers, maxi skirt).

Consider a mix of lengths so you have some shorter options that hit at or around the waist and below the waist to create balanced looks. Outerwear with belts will add shape. Consider casual options and options that are more elevated and you can dress up / down (like the wool coat!)

For personalized assistance selecting the outerwear styles per your unique body type, complexion, budget, and more, reach out to our team / book one of our virtual styling services in our app!


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