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Last minute Prime Day Deals

We know you're seeing these everywhere about now, but honestly the sale is a lot to shop, ever changing, and worth taking advantage of. Here are a couple items we know and love worth checking out to make your life and online shopping easier!

Chat with us via IG message or in the Prept App for advice, tips, and second opinions while shopping summer sales or too book a style session!

$25 off the super popular, flattering mini dress option by Loveshack Fancy. Their Natasha Dress is $300 vs. $325. Still a pricier option but one of their most classic mini dress styles that has been around and a go-to for some time. The black and white are the most classic but it also comes in pink and blue!

The popular flowy, breezy Free People La La Maxi is $73 vs. $98. Sold out in most sizes & colors on the Free People site but white is available in this sale!

The Drop cotton Halter maxi that comes in several colors is $55 vs. $70. The halter style is everywhere this season and this one has been a go-to for a breezy sundress that can be dressed up or down.

These 2 o.p.t midi sundresses in black and white in a classic, feminine, flowy style perfect for summer

The go-to, classic leather sandal by Sam Edleman is way less than the usual $120 price tag. Such a great sandal option that comes in brown leather for the most classic option as well as other fun textures, shades, and embellishment to try out to showcase your personal style

The JW P.E.I small bags that come in several colors and sizes are on sale!! We love this option and have been recommending forever as the perfect little bag to grab and go for brunch, date night, events, etc.

OUAI leave in conditioner spray cult favorite and great for post pool, beach, and just in general post shower!

The Drop one shoulder cutout dress a great affordable option you can wear to events and nicer occasions as well as dress down for a day out

The Drop sandal - great reviews, several colors and options, affordable sandal


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