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How to Vamp Up Your Beauty Regimen with CBD

With CBD growing in popularity due to the ever-evolving laws regarding the previously illicit substance, the oil has now been proven to show success in skincare and makeup formulas. Well, known celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and Mellissa Mccarthy have highly praised the substance in their wellness routines. CBD has been glamorized and treated in a boutique fashion among celebrities and influencers. High-end brands, like Barney's New York, have implemented boutique departments dedicated to CBD products. Barney's opened their first " The High End" department at the Beverly Hills department store location.

Image Source: The Los Angeles Times

Now let's talk about the products themselves. Saint Jane Beauty, following its 11-month launch, by founder Casey Georgeson, just released its long-awaited and highly requested eye cream. What's so special about the eye cream? The formula. Saint Jane's Bright Repair Eye Cream is formulated with full-spectrum CBD, Vitamin C, and vegan collagen. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that give this unique eye cream an edge on the competition. This eye cream is debuting with a special partnership with the beauty brand powerhouse, Sephora. Making this eye cream the first of its kind to hit the shelves at this high-end beauty retailer.

Image Source: Saint Jane Beauty

Product: Bright Eye Repair Cream

Price: $65

*The product can be purchased through company website now and will soon be available at *

Saint Jane Beauty isn't the only company revolutionizing CBD beauty products. A variety of well-acredited beauty lines have created products ranging from makeup to skincare formulated with CBD. Below is a list of companies (and products) following suit:


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