Prept Guides: Closet Editing

When should I do an edit?

At least annually but we recommend before each season!

Why should I do an edit?

  • Check in with what you have to identify what you want/need

  • Make smarter, intentional purchases to maximize your wardrobe and style

  • Minimize that feeling of overwhelm and that you have nothing to wear

  • Hone in on and refine your personal style

How do I get started?

Keep reading on how you can DIY but we know it can be a big undertaking, so remember you can always take our quiz and book a service to have a stylist help you out at any point,

Pre-edit prep

Consider your Personal Style

The first and maybe the most important step is all about YOU!

  • What styles inspire you

  • What outfits / outfit combinations do you gravitate toward and feel your best in (look back at pictures)

  • Assets you want to highlight vs. downplay

  • Signature piece(s) which pieces are your GO TOs to look & feel your best

If your not sure about your personal style - try making a photo album on your phone where you can snap and save outfits you feel 100% in this will help you hone in on your style.

Your style does not need to be singular i.e. "boho" it can be multi-faceted and can and likely does have many descriptors i.e. "colorful" "classic" "on trend" , etc.

Consider your Complexion

Consider your Lifestyle

  • Level of activity

  • Social calendar

  • Job

  • Life changes (new city, pregnant, new mom, newly single, etc.)

The steps:

1. Identify

Flip through your closet/drawers/etc. and set aside those items that you cannot remember the last time you wore and/or are feeling unsure about - these will be further evaluated in step 2

What you identify you love, represents your style, know are keepers and are not even assessment worthy you'll keep in your closet (for now)

2. Evaluate

Now let's evaluate what you have set aside and make 3 piles:

Pile 1 - Items you feel like you can live without and are ready to donate/resell

Pile 2 - Items you are not sure you're ready to part with and want to try on / assess further

Pile 3 - Items that need to be washed/dry cleaned/altered (because you will find these :))

3. Try-on

Navigate to Pile 2...and let's try on items/help you make a decision:

  • Does it fit you well & compliment your figure? Your clothes should fit you, you should not have to fit into your clothes!

  • Do you feel confident & happy in it?

  • Does it have sentimental value?

  • Does it go with the other items in your closet?

  • Is it timeless or still on trend/current?

  • Is it still in good condition?

  • Is the maintenance/upkeep worth it?

  • Can you picture yourself wearing it once/again?

  • Can you think of different ways to style it?

  • Do you have another similar option?

4. Determine

If you answered mostly YES...

Let's keep it in your closet

If you answered mostly NO...

Let's add it to that Pile 1 we created and prep items for donation/reselling (consider shelters, threadUp, Dress for Success, Poshmark, Curtsy)

5. Organize

Hang up everything possible so you can see what you are working with

Organize by category (i.e. tops, pants, dresses, outerwear, etc.) and color (i.e. order your tops from lightest to darkest)

Leverage drawers and shelves for more casual items that may not need to be hung (sweaters, sweatshirts, denim, leggings, t-shirts, tanks)

Store any items you are definitely not wearing for the season if you need the space (i.e. bulky coats, scarves, sweaters in spring/summer)

For access to this guide at your fingertips, help with editing, and more personalized style/beauty advice, book a virtual 1:1 session with a professional anytime in our app for advice and recommendations tailored to you!


Team Prept