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Prept Guides: Closet Editing

When should I do a closet edit?

At least annually but we recommend before each season or quarterly!

Why should I do a closet edit?

  • To shop smarter, identifying what you have and what you want/need

  • To be more intentional about your style and wardrobe, which is the desire of many women these days!

  • To maximize your wardrobe

  • To minimize that feeling of overwhelm every time you step into your closet to make outfits and feel like you have nothing to wear

  • To hone in on and refine your personal style

How do I get started?

Keep reading on how you can DIY. We know it can be a big undertaking, so remember, you can always book a virtual style session with a personal stylist 1:1 here or in our app for personalized assistance.

Steps to consider

Define your personal style

The first and maybe the most important step is all about YOU!

  • What styles inspire you

  • What outfits / outfit combinations do you gravitate toward and feel your best in - is it top and pant outfits? dresses? skirts? layers?

  • What assets do you want to highlight vs. downplay

  • Do you have any signature piece(s) which pieces that resemble your personal brand or style

If you're not sure about the questions above. Try to take snap selfies and save outfits you feel 100% in for 1 month, make a photo album on your phone where you can save these outfits/pieces. It might feel weird, but trust us, this will help you hone in on your style.

Keep in mind that your style does not need to be singular i.e. "boho", "edgy", "preppy". Your style can absolutely be multi-faceted. Consider the words you would use to describe the way you want to show up, look and feel your absolute best. Are you "on-trend", "cool", "comfortable", "casual"? Maybe you dress per your mood, amazing! Your style should be fun and a way to express your personality...aka it's all about you.

Consider your complexion

Consider your lifestyle

  • Where you spend your time

  • Level of activity (are you always on the go?)

  • Social calendar (do you dress up a lot for different affairs/events?)

  • Job

  • Life changes (new city, pregnant, new mom, newly single, etc.)

Check in with your current wardrobe

  • Pull out / separate what do you wear the most and gravitate toward. By identifying your go-tos, we'll have the for sure "keepers" that wont require further assessment.

  • With these separated, you'll begin to assess what is left - see if there is anything you can for certain part with and donate/resell

  • From here you'll have the "unsure pieces" where we have a series of questions to help you get to the keep or donate/resell decision! For example is it sentimental? does it fit you vs. you having to fit it? does it resemble your personal style...

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