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What colors look best on me?

Unsure about the colors you're wearing? Want to feel more confident in your color choices? Keep reading. You're in the right place.

Most of our clients come to us and have colors they like/dislike, of course, but typically it is per preferences (which is totally fine) versus actually understanding their complexion and how that impacts their feelings about color.

Understanding your complexion, can help you identify those colors that best compliment your complexion...and be a gamechanger.

Why finding the color that look good on you matter?

  • Find clothing that doesn't wash you out

  • Create a more cohesive wardrobe when you build it around a color palette that works for you and fits together

  • Identify the right shades to consider for makeup (and avoid the dreaded line of demarcation)

  • Understand those colors that really POP against your skin when you wear them and give you that WOW factor

While we of course empower you to wear the colors you love and feel amazing in, we wanted to provide a resource for those that are interested in learning more about about their ideal colors. Should you want your own personalized seasonal color analysis, we've got you covered. Book this virtual service here or in the Prept app.

Let's look at how skin tone plays a role. Skin tone can be classified many different ways but with 3 major classifications: warm, cool, or neutral.

Neutral skin tones are as they sound, neutral, your skin tone is not exactly warm, or cool. It's somewhere in between.

Warm skin tones tend to look great in creams, earthy tones, olive greens, and have a bronzy, glowy, warm look. Gold jewelry tends to compliment better than silver but metallic colors suite you.

Cool skin tones tend to look great cooler shades of blue, green, magentas, charcoal, violet. Silver or rose gold jewelry suits you more than gold.

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