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10 Outfit Ideas For Your Next Weekend Occasion

Figuring out what to wear everyday is what to wear to different occasions can feel impossible and stressful. Thats where we come in to help! Here are 10 easy outfit ideas to consider as you get dressed up this summer for everything from weddings and nicer soirees to casual hangs with fam and friends.

#1 Try a solid color fitted maxi/midi dress with a slit to show some leg

  • Perfect for: weddings, galas, nicer events

  • Pair with: neutral shoes, sparkly bag and earrings

  • Tips: Do your research (or ask us!) to see how high the slit goes to make sure it will work for your height and level of comfort! Slits are ideal during summertime to allow air flow and not get too hot. While we love a pop of color for this option, a good black dress will always be in style and is a classic you cannot go wrong with

#2 Slip into something silky

  • Perfect for: weddings, galas, nicer events

  • Pair with: metallic or nude sandal, simple bag, simple jewelry. Let the dress stand out

  • Tips: A midi or maxi will be the most versatile, suitable for different types of attire, but a mini of course works for cocktail attire and less formal occasions. The strapless option has been super popular recently and is very on trend right now. If you go for this style, consider fashion tape to make sure the top stays in place. If you do want to add a pop with this option, play with a more fun shoe!

#3 Wear a solid mini dress (that you will actually wear again)

  • Perfect for: wedding festivities, bachelorettes, trips, cocktail attire events

  • Pair with: gold/silver jewelry and a neutral heeled sandal

  • Tips: The halter and high neck style is super popular right now and gives an elevated, chic look

#4 Find yourself in a romantic flowy midi/maxi

  • Perfect for: nicer outings on vacation, wedding festivities, more elevated attire events

  • Pair with: strappy sandal, hopps, and clutch

  • Tips: Most ideal for nighttime especially given it can be hot in the summertime and the maxi is full length and can be a lot of material adding to coverage and warmth. Love this option with a strappy sandal peeking out to add to your look

#5 Play with a puff or ruffle sleeve dress for a dressy, feminine touch

  • Perfect for: brunches, date nights, trips

  • Pair with: paired with a simple sandal with a small heel + a woven bag

  • For this look let the dress be the statement and pair with simple accessories. There are levels of dramatic for the puff sleeve based upon how much you want this look to stand out from short sleeve supper puffed options to just a simple ruffle on the strap

#6 Try a feminine, chic dress with bow strap detail

  • Perfect for: baby showers, brunches, casual day to nighttime outings

  • Pair with: simple earrings, leather sandals, clutch

  • Tips: wear a simple hairstyle or hair pulled back in pony, bun, clip to let dress detail stand out

#7 Throw on a shirt dress for an easy, classic, casual outfit

  • Perfect for: daytime outings, winerys, casual dinners, beach/pool days

  • Pair with: flat leather sandals, platforms, or wedges

  • Tips: Play with accessories like hats and jewelry to jazz up this option that might feel basic. Add a belt or find one with a belt/tie detail to accentuate your waist

#8 Look effortlessly chic in a "little" white dress (or the LWD)

  • Perfect for: white parties, bbqs, brunches, date nights, casual summer outings

  • Pair with: slide on sandal and woven bag

  • Highly recommend also packing a Tide white pen or wipes just in case ;-). Find more white dress styling tips here

#9 Go for a jumpsuit for an easy, readymade look when you don't want to over think what to wear

  • Perfect for: dates, work to weekend, casual outings, get togethers, trips

  • Pair with: throw on a hoop, add a mini bag and sandals and you're ready to go

  • Tips: pull hair back or wear simple hairstyle

#10 Mix it up with a matching set

  • Perfect for: work to weekend, happy hours, nights out

  • Pair with: strappy sandals and simple jewelry

  • Tips If you go for a top and pant combo or top and longer skirt you will be able to maximize the versatility and likelihood you can wear to work or more elevated occasions as shorter options can be more casual. Honestly, all set are a good bet and the style you choose just depends on style, needs, & personal preferences!

For more personalized picks and outfits curated just for you (like a more dressy option for your upcoming white party ;) or if you're a bride!) book a style session here or in our app.


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