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Let's Talk Designer Bags

One of our clients messaged me the other day sharing how she had reached a work milestone and wanted to TREAT HERSELF (YGG) with a designer bag...but wanted some recommendations on this. So naturally, as a designer bag addict I decided to blog on this in case anyone else has this question :).

I love a good deal on clothing and accessories, but bags tend to be where I don't mess around and go for the "investment" pieces that I will give to my daughter one day. Now that does not mean I purchased full price...most I waited to buy until my 1x year Euro trip to take advantage of no sales tax. I think that buying vintage is also a great bet for these bags that might only be gently used and in great condition.

You will notice most of my images and shopping inspo below are neutral in color, this is intentional as I recommend this route so you can maximize the ways you can wear and ensure versatility with your outfits. If you want to go for a pop of color, go for it, I have definitely done this and it can be a fun way to add to your wardrobe if it is already very neutral. All of these bags are CLASSICS that are not going out of style ANY time soon.

The Over-The-Shoulder / Carry-All Bag

The go-to bag for the woman on the go...that has more to carry than just her lipstick. These bags can fit everything from your laptop to your pool towel/essentials. A bag thats both comfortable and fashionable and can go from the work day to the night out.

The Classic Tote Bag

Not too big, not to small - the perfect, classic bag to tote around town (pun intended).

The Mini Bag

The perfect option to grab and go...but look effortlessly chic wherever you are going whether its to the bar, club, or just to the grocery store.

The Chained Shoulder Bag

The perfect bag to help dress up any look and wear going out at night.

The Crossbody Bag

Smaller in size but perfect for running errands, travel, going out, etc. Perfect for pairing for a more sporty / athleisure look as well.

The Clutch

While not the most practical for everyday use, essential for a date night, packing on a vacation, going out with girlfriends, etc.

Here are some pictures of me and my designer bags in case you want to see them in the wild ha!

Ping me if you have any questions or need any more recommendations / advice! I will be back to share my other splurge worthy items...




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