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How to: Style White Pumps

A white pump is just a classic staple that you need in your closet. It seems a little stark at times, but trust me, it looks so put together and can be worn not only in the summer, but all year long!

On the left, we have illustrated a few ways you can style white pumps. As you can see, it goes with any type of occasion. If white pumps aren't your vibe, white sandals and sneakers are a great alternative and would pair well with the outfits selected on the left.

Now, if you don't love white with your skin color, as it does often appear bright with darker skin tones, consider a bone or cream color. Still very on trend and can look less stark against your skin.


Out during the day: Top: Aritzia Sunglasses: Rayban Pumps: Sam Edelman Shorts (similar): Levis

To wear during work: Top: Aritzia Trousers: Mango Blazer: Mango Pumps: Sam Edelman

On the perfect date: Dress (similar): Shopbop Purse (similar): Shopbop Pumps: Sam Edelman

For the Vacation: Dress: Monkees Hat: Amazon Earrings (similar): Shashi Pumps: Sam Edelman


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