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Denim denim denim 👖. Don’t we all love/hate jeans? I know with the pandemic we’ve gotten comfy in our sweats and leggings, but don’t throw those jeans out just yet! We’re here to help you get back into the swing of your everyday to business casual style! What styles are trending? What works best for my body type? Wash? Distressing? So many questions! We got you covered girl!

Let’s start off strong with a style we’re seeing a lot of…

Mom Jeans

Let’s talk Mom jeans! So mom jeans were super popular in the late 80’s-early 90s and thankfully made a come back! What’s great about these jeans is they’re a high rise cut, usually made from a nice classic, durable denim. That gives an amazing waist cinching affect! These jeans are great for anyone, but work excellent for those who carry a little extra in the mid section! Most mom jeans sport a straight leg pant, though some styles will have a slight flare! You can go from casual, dressy, edgey to night out with this style simply by alternating shoes/top and playing with the cuff! A light wash is great for daytime while a dark wash gives off that super 90s grunge feel. Mix & match lengths & cuffs to personalize your Mom jean! A slightly flared crop will give a leg lengthening affect, especially when paired with a slight heel. Or, for a baggier, grunge feel give your jean a cuff and throw in your fav band tee! One of my favs is the full length mom jean for a super 90's casual feel paired with a classic fitted tee. Great for running errands or hanging out. Boyfriend Jeans

Similar to the Mom Jean, the Boyfriend Jean is generally found in a straight cut & is great for cuffing! Different from the Mom Jean, the boyfriend is generally used as a more casual, laid back & boho style. This is a mid-low rise style that in most cases is intended to be baggy & effortless. The boyfriend looks best with a casual top from a tank to a loose comfy sweater. You can totally personalize this style with a sneaker for a casual day out, or a bootie for a more rugged look. Since this style is generally a loose fitting style, you could try it with a fitted top and heel to achieve a casual, yet put together look! This style best suits frames with smaller hips/thighs, though would look great on anyone. Flare Jeans

My tall girls this is your moment! (Any 5’2 shorties like me don’t scroll past this, it will work for you as well!) Is anyone else as excited as I am that the flare leg has made its way back to us? This Jean is GREAT for accentuating those hips and elongating the leg. Plus, what a fun way to really go all out & make a statement! You’re almost definitely going to need a heel to show off this style & I’m not complaining! These jeans are literally designed to give & accentuate that long hourglass shape. From cinching at the waist, curving around the hips & thighs, then flaring beneath the knee. It is the mermaid dress of jeans, & I’m here for it! Not convinced this cut is for you? Check out my models up top. The two in the middle are “petite” models (5’7 or shorter) absolutely rocking this cut. You just want to find your right fit, and the right shoe! Be confident with this style and mostly, have fun. Skinny Jeans

If you’ve heard whispers of the skinny Jean being out, plug your ears. These babies are here to stay and are such a classic staple. Just like the legging, the skinny Jean has it’s purpose, even if she isn’t the star of the show at this time. Who do you call when it’s freezing outside & you want to look put together & warm? The skinny Jean. Feeling a tall boot moment but a legging feels too casual? Skinny Jean. Looking to accentuate your curvy hips & legs? Skinny Jean. Okay, I think you get the point! We love a skinny Jean! This cut is such a feminine cut by truly showing off your figure by hugging you through out. What’s also great about the skinny Jean, is there isn't one genre you can’t pull off with it. It doesn’t fit in a box like some of these other styles. From light wash, to dark, distressed, acid washed, high rise, low rise, mid rise.. you name it, the skinny offers it! So think of her as your “classic staple tshirt” of jeans. She’s a great base layer to build whatever look you’re feeling that day. Moldable, and transformable.


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