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Babes, Bandanas are Back

Attention all babes!

PSA: BANDANAS ARE BACK. & more versatile than ever before.

I walked into the Madewell store not too long ago and noticed a mannequin wearing a beachy black dress, also wearing a bandana tied around its waist. Genius.

They had a whole display of adorable bandana scarves with a variety of different colors and prints. I was immediately intrigued. Growing up in the 90’s I wore bandanas ALL the time, so I’m pretty stoked about this fad. This is an upcoming must have staple accessory for sure.

Below are some different ways to add them to an outfit, I will also link a couple different sites that have super cute ones at a great price, along with a style guide of ideas on how to wear!

Sweat Outfit: Wrap and tie a printed bandana around your wrist.

Brunchin’ it: Add the bandana as a belt, you can double knot and let it hang down.

Pool Day: Wrap the bandana around your hair (as pictured) or tie it around your loose curled pony tail and let it hang down. I’ll add a tutorial vid also. You also could completely take everyone back to the 90’s and wear it the way Mary-Kate and Ashley did.

Concert Wear: Loosely tie the bandana around your neck, knot it and let it hang down for a nice boho vibe. Ditch The Mask: Okay maybe don’t ditch the mask entirely (yet), but consider this as another option that isn’t as annoying on the ears!

Our Favorite Bandana Links:

Tutorial Vid:




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