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5 Summer Beauty Trends You Don't Want To Miss

At the beginning of every new season, we are introduced to new beauty and style trends, whether its new methods or seasonal colors. While this summer has been different than most, it has not been an exception. With so much time on our hands in recent months, beauty lovers have taken that time to spark their creativity, and we are loving everything that they've come up with. Many trends have come from nontraditional origins such as apps like TikTok, where young creators have been able to showcase their abilities, and celebrities like Dua Lipa who have taken to Instagram to show their fun new looks.

Below is a list of all of our favorite summer beauty trends that are a " must try"!

  1. Bushy Eyebrows

Natural makeup will always be apart of the beauty world and eyebrow trends are everchanging. This summer, the bushy brow is in. Popularized by editorial model looks, women everywhere are loving this new look. Given the current global pandemic keeping beauty studios such as threading salons closed, this is the perfect way to style up your full brows.

This look can be achieved very affordably with a soap brow, which simply involves a clear soap bar, water, and a spooly. Or, it can be achieved the brow sets like Glossier's "Boy Brow" gel, which achieves the thick brow look for only $16.

Image Source:

2. Matte Eyeshadow

Dua Lipa has taken the world by storm with her iconic fashion trends. Earlier this summer she popularized her dual tone hair. She then began the matte tone eyeshadow craze through her Instagram in early June, a style that has then been adopted and enhanced by popular beauty gurus.

A popular and affordable brand that has spearheaded colorful pallets is Colourpop. This brand has pallets starting at the low price of $12 that have shades on all sides of the color spectrum.

Image from

3. Color Liner

Vivid eyeliners have replaced the need for eyeshadow. This allows for an edgy look without meticulous technique that bright eyeshadow requires. This summer, many different brands have developed vibrant liners including well-known brands like Glossier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and MAC Cosmetics.

One brand that has been able to develop a wide rand of bright and affordable eyeliners is NYX. These liners are great for people with all levels of makeup experience. The quality and the $7 price point make this a product for all.

Image Source: NYX Cosmetics

4. Heatless Hair

This trend was popularized by a viral TikTok trend of a girl who used socks to create curls in her hair. This heatless solution has gained so much popularity because it is a nondamaging way to style your hair and it looks amazing! This method creates effortless curls, without the hassle of using a heated tool. Simply sleep in your tied hair and wake up with beautiful beach waves.

5. Faux Freckles

The sunkissed summer look has always been in. But this year, freckles took over. Makeup artists and influencers all found new ways to achieve the faux freckle look. This was done with sprays, freckle products and even spray tan products.

The most universally loved product was FRECK. This faux freckle product is able to achieve the most natural-looking

faux freckle look. This product is available through a variety of retailers including Nordstrom and Sephora.

Image Source: Nordstrom

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