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Fall Beauty Talk & Tutorial With Sofia

Tonight we did an easy Fall makeup look and chatted key tips and favorite beauty products for Fall with our Makeup (&Hair) Artist Sofia! Here's the highlight reel:

Charlotte Tilbury is her favorite makeup line ATM but she is excited for Rosie Huntington Whitley's line Rose, Inc. launching soon. She loves a two in one skincare & makeup product.

Key tips I captured as moderating: 1) use primer on eyes to minimize creasing, 2) continue sunscreen even though its fall (... good reminder for me personally!)

For the look...

She started with tinted moisturizer

Moved into hydrating primer

Applied concealer & setting powder

Did a beautiful brown eye makeup look which I attempted to replicate and follow along with her

She finished with mascara, bronzer, blush, highlighter, & a lip to bring it all together! Such a pretty look for fall that I will be doing again.

Product highlights:

MAC Velvet Teddy Lip (bride favorite)

MAC Blankety or Spirit (the first for lighter skintones and the second for more darker skin tones)

You can find the full IGTV here!

You can also book a makeup lesson or makeup bag makeover with her anytime for more personalized advice and recommendations!




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