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Show up in style

Feel beautiful, confident, & Prept for every occasion with your new all-in-one style + shopping app.

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Find looks you'll love to wear, from stores you'll love to shop

In the Prept app, you're not JUST spending $$, you're supporting small businesses, the female entrepreneurs behind them, & local communities. 

Say goodbye to outfit struggles

Tired of the endless scroll only to shop the same stores? Switch it up! Have fun finding fresh pieces from our curated selection of small stores.


Browse, Favorite, or Buy curated looks for every occasion✨. Our shop has curated looks that take the guesswork out of making outfits.


Breeze through checkout

Add full looks or individual items, from any store on our platform, to a single cart - for simple, easy checkout. No more endless tabs, app hopping, and juggling multiple carts! 🛒

Get personalized style advice

Genuine connection for helpful advice, personalized recommendations, questions answered, & more. Just like you remember shopping IRL.


Connect with stores & their teams 💬 or Book personal styling sessions to connect with our style advisors via virtual consultation 📆

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Look Good, Feel Good
Unlock your style potential and feel more confident when you find what works for your lifestyle, budget, body type, & more. 

" I founded Prept per my own personal struggle with the time/effort to find what to wear and where to shop. I wanted to create a better solution for women that made our lives easier! We're a company built by women, for women, that supports women, on a mission to help you feel confident & Prept for anything!"

- Nicole, Founder & CEO

What Clients Say

"I was stressed after searching hours online for bridal shower and bachelorette looks but not having any luck. My personal stylist helped me find the perfect looks all within my needs and preferences!"
 - Alice, San Diego, CA
Ready to feel more confident in your style & your purchases?

 We're creating a complete style + shopping experience that empowers women while supporting the success of women-led businesses. Win. Win. What are you waiting for?

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