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Prept Guides: Work Wardrobe

What we are wearing to "dress for success" these days has likely changed in the past couple of years with job shifts post pandemic and more.

Whatever you do for work, we wanted to share some essential pieces we recommend having for your work wardrobe. These pieces will give you optimal opportunities to mix & match and maximize your wardrobe. Consider primarily neutral pieces.


  • Casual tank, for example a cotton option that you can dress up and down

  • Bodysuit - Express has some great options that are great quality, in several color and styles. Skims does as well

  • Nicer t-shirt - Everlane's boxy tee is a great option, Madewell has some nicer options as well

  • White button up - a classic option you can not go wrong with. In spring/summer wear it open, over a swim suit, tie it up, and more. If you're not a fan of white / this classic style play with a more silky relaxed option

  • Blouse - use this piece to play with your personal style, incorporate florals, a cool sleeve / neckline, color, and more

Dresses/ Jumpsuits

  • Tank dress - wear alone or layer with a blazer, cardigan, jacket

  • Little black dress - a classic option that is not a complete mini and work appropriate if you are going into the office. A jersey material can be a great bet that is not too dressy or too casual

  • Athletic dress - there are so many options for these dresses if you are working from home it's a super comfortable option to consider as you can easily go from work > workout (or vice versa!)


  • More flowy trousers - linen pants (also these favorites) can be a great option for spring/summer or if you live in a state with warmer weather year round

  • Nicer (non distressed) blue denim

  • Nicer (non distressed) lighter denim (white, cream, light blue)


These layering pieces are essential! If you are more curvy play with a cropped vs. boyfriend blazer. If you want more coverage, opt for a boyfriend style blazer with some length / room.

  • Blue Blazer

  • Cardigan - even consider a sweater + cardigan combo as there are many of these out there these day and you get a 2 for 1 (or close at least)


  • Mules - Classic option Popular feminine option (more chic)

  • Nude heels - you cannot go wrong with the Sam Edleman Hazel pump or the block heel pump by Marc Fisher

  • Elevated white sneaker - whether you are WFH, changing to sneaks to commute, or have a cool job that allows you to wear sneaks to work, a classic elevated white sneak is a great bet

For more personalized style advice, book a virtual 1:1 session with a one of our stylists anytime in our app. You can also browse and directly shop work appropriate looks / chat with our team anytime.


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