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Winter Dress (ed)

Yes it’s winter time, but don’t pack up all your dresses just yet! I’ve put together some ideas to help you get creative and cozy with your dresses this season! Whether you’re going to brunch, work, date night, or “running errands at target” I’ve got you covered! With dresses, you want to focus on under layers. Be sure to have a good supply of basic long sleeves, turtlenecks, tights, lined tights, and socks! These are going to be so helpful in stacking a comfy cozy look together.

To start us off I highly recommend getting a great pair of lined leggings! These things are lifesavers in the winter. You can see them styled to the right with a sweater dress, but they’re also great to wear as pants like on the left! No one will know they’re lined and you’ll feel extra cozy all season!

Next dress style hack, go for a longer-lined dress. Meeting a knee-length dress with a knee/thigh-high boot is not only super chic, but it’s also super warm! This is also where those under layers I mentioned come in. With a high neck sweater dress, you can easily layer a long sleeve top underneath and no one will know! Pair in a pair of tights for an added layer and you're cozy and ready to go. Don’t forget a tall thick sock to keep the toes warm as well!

Now we’ve chatted about under layers, but how about over layers? These styles are a really fun, chic way to style a dress this season and we’re seeing a lot of this trend! Pair a long-length button-up top/dress under a big comfy sweater/sweatshirt for a very Oxford-chic feel. This outfit option is great because with these looser styles you can still have room underneath to play with your basic layers (tanks, tees, turtlenecks) to keep extra warm. We even saw this oversized sweatshirt look with bikers the other day in you've got options to style. Pair in some tights and a tall boot and you're off!

Last, but not least for over layers, the winter trench. Let’s face it, you can wear shorts and a tank under this thing and you’re staying warm. This coat makes anything effortlessly city chic and cozy. If you’re day calls for indoor-outdoor activities this is a great piece to stack your dress look with. Find a neutral color and go for a monochrome look for that added touch of chic!

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Happy Styling! xoxo Chloé


Try these tights for a little more coverage


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