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What To Wear: Stay Stylish On Your Winter Getaway

Embarking on a winter getaway? As a company that is all about helping you stay stylish for every occasion, we've curated a list of essentials to ensure you navigate your frosty adventures feeling warm and confident all along the way.

Let's dive into the top 10 things you should consider packing for a winter trip to stay impeccably stylish.

1. Versatile coat

We recommend beginning with a statement coat that not only flatters your silhouette but also serves its function in the winter chill. A tailored longer wool coat style is a great option for every outing that effortlessly combines fashion and warmth. It can be paired with a nice outfit for an evening out and be worn over even the most casual outfit and elevate your look. Puffer coats, fur coats, and heavier winter coats are also good options. Coats typically take up a ton of space in your luggage, so we recommend thinking about at least 1 versatile option you could realistically wear with every outfit then adding in others as you have room.

2. Basic tops

Layering is the key to winter chic. Pack a selection of basics tops that can be worn with any bottom and be paired with outerwear layered on top for style and warmth. The goal is that these tops are not too bulky and fit easily under your outerwear. Think: sleek turtlenecks, long sleeve tops, bodysuits, silky blouses. The art to layering lies in creating a balanced ensemble that keeps you warm while still showcasing your figure.

3. Sweaters

I mean they call it sweater weather for a reason. Sweaters are the actual perfect piece to keep you warm but showcase your personal style in cooler weather and on your winter retreats. Plan on packing some versatile neutral options with a range of necklines and textures. And don't forget cozy, chic sweater dresses!

4. Bottom options

Select bottoms that are not only chic but versatile. Stylish leggings, skirts, jeans and adaptable pants can be mixed and matched, offering endless outfit possibilities. Don't forget tights if you are mixing in skirts and dresses and might want extra coverage + warmth. Also, make sure these will allow for a balanced look with your coat, tops, and any other outerwear.

5. Easy dresses

A good knit dress (or two) will typically provide more warmth than a cotton option. Consider a midi or maxi option you can pair with boots or mini option you can pair with tights and boots.

7. Statement pieces

Okay now that you've got the main categories covered leveraging what you likely had in your wardrobe. You've been looking forward to this trip for weeks if not months, so we know you'll want to find a couple vacay-ready looks that incorporate newer, fun, stylish pieces that of course get captured on camera and make this trip unforgettable. These could be on-trend rented pieces that incorporate pops of print and colors. An investment bag you bought just for the trip but will wear again. A statement sweater. The options are endless but definitely think about these and plan your other outfits with pieces you already have around them.

6. Pieces to mix and match

With your tops, bottoms, and dresses covered think about cardigans, vests, jumpsuits, matching sets, scarves, blazers to compliment what you've already packed. Make but still fit under your outerwear!

8. Boots

Your winter footwear is a crucial element. Choose shoes that not only suit the climate but also align with your personal style. A boot is a must-pack. This could be anything from an easy to throw on ankle boot, sleek knee high boot, to functional snow-ready option.

9. Athleisure

Traveling in style, but also in COMFORT is key. You'll want to get a comfortable outfit for traveling on planes, trains, automobiles, etc. during your trip. We highly recommend a good matching set so you don't have to overthink matching and can throw on an easy outfit and go. There are so many comfortable sweatsuits, legging and top combos, shorts and tops, even travel dresses.

10. Accessories

Accessorize with intention. Oversized scarves, chic gloves, sunglasses and a trendy hat can be both fashionable and functional, elevating your winter look effortlessly.

With these essentials, you'll be all set for your winter getaway and beyond. It's all about finding what combines function (will actually keep you warm and not miserable during your excursions) and fashion. Read up more on the key concept that is layering with outerwear for cooler season here.

For personalized assistance finding pieces, curating outfits, or just outfit planning for your trip reach out to our team / book one of our virtual styling services in our app!

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