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What To Wear For Photos

Let's talk about what to wear when you are getting professional photos taken. Getting photos is an investment, so of course the goal is to show up looking and feeling like the best, most confident version of yourself, to take some amazing photos that you'll love...forever.

Whether you have new headshots, family photos, engagement photos, brand photos, etc. there are several things to think through. The photographer can give you amazing tips on how to pose, what to think about per the setting, your desired aesthetic, staying on brand, and more, and we want to ensure you're covered on your look!

In this post we will share some tips and inspiration around what to wear for photos, for more personalized advice and looks curated just for you by one of our stylists to show up to your next photo session in style and with confidence, we recommend booking a "Style Me For Photos" session.

Dressing for the occasion & vibe you are going for

Consider the purpose of the photos and the level of formality. If it's a casual outdoor photoshoot, you can opt for a more relaxed and comfortable outfit. If it's a formal event where photos will be taken or a professional headshot, choose something more polished and sophisticated. Here are some pieces to consider per what style vibe you are going for.

  • Classic: Straight leg denim, white button up, a mule, a pump

  • Professional: Blazer, white button up, blouse, pumps

  • Polished: A fitted blouse, white button up, simple jewelry

  • Sophisticated: A little black dress, trousers, a matching set

  • Powerful: Jumpsuit, trousers + bodysuit/camisole/button up + blazer

  • Bright: Colorful top, floral dress, colorful accessories

  • Feminine: Florals, headbands, jewelry, a heel

  • On-Trend: Different denim, cool sneakers, trendy top

  • Sultry: Fitted dress, matching set, mini dress

  • Edgy: A hat, leather jacket, denim jacket


If you're taking group photos, it's always a good idea to coordinate outfits with the other people involved. You don't have to match exactly, unless you want to of course, but choosing complementary colors or a cohesive theme can make the photos more visually appealing.


Choose colors wisely. Solid colors generally work well in photos, especially if the background is busy or colorful. Avoid large logos or patterns that may distract from your face or the main focus of the photo. Consider your complexion (hair color, eye color, skin tone) when selecting colors that best complement your features. If you don't know your complimentary colors, take our quick Confident in Colors quiz to learn a little more and you can always book any Prept service to get a full seasonal color analysis and recommended color palette in our app.


If you know the location of the photoshoot, take into account the surroundings and choose an outfit that will harmonize or contrast nicely with the environment. For example, if you're shooting in a natural setting, earth tones or soft colors can work well, while bright colors can pop against an urban backdrop.

Confident & comfortable

Wear clothing that suits your body shape and highlights your best features. Everyone has different body types, so choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. If you're unsure, opt for classic styles that tend to be universally flattering.

  • If you're going for a look in a dress, make sure it's not too tight where you'll be worried about sucking in the whole time and no be comfortable. Leverage one with cinching around the waist or a more flowy style with a belt

  • If you're going for a casual look in jeans, try a pair that has some stretch and give so you can move around and try out different standing/sitting poses

  • Not a fan of jeans or want a more elevated feel? Style a look with a pair of nicer leggings (faux leather) or trousers for a more elevated non-denim.

  • If you want to sho off the bump, choose an option that is more form fitting like a knit dress

Work with your photographer and look up inspo on posing options to feel confident. We're always a fan of using movement to loosen up and get authentic photos that you feel natural in vs. overly posey.

Expressing your personality

Ultimately, the most important aspect is to wear something that reflects your personal style and makes you feel like yourself. Whether it's a trendy outfit, a vintage look, or a classic ensemble, choose something that represents your personality and allows you to feel confident and at ease during the photoshoot.

Don't forget the details

Take into account the small details that can impact your overall appearance in photos. Consider accessories like jewelry, scarves, or hats that can add visual interest to your outfit. Additionally, ensure that your clothes are clean, wrinkle-free, and well-fitted.

Multiple looks

Maximize your photoshoot time with multiple looks. It can be hard to find the time to dedicate to a photoshoot and it's also an investment, so get the most out of your time/money, consider multiple looks. This could me totally different looks and separate outfits all together, or playing with 1 look multiple ways, for example:

  • Leveraging a layer or outerwear (i.e. a blazer) worn on/off. Another good example of this would be wearing a cute wool coat over a bodycon dress and boots. This way you can get some pictures with the coat and some without.

  • Mixing it up with different shoes - just changing your shoes can be a game changer

  • Playing with different accessories - add in bolder earrings, a headband to change up your look

Considering the setting, season, and weather

You will likely work with the photographer to choose the right setting for the vision and vibe you are going for. They will have tons of options and ideas per their experience. You will want to consider your style in the setting selection part and then in finding complimentary outfits!

  • In the fall/winter - want to ensure you're warm leveraging layers, play with sweater dresses and sweaters, wool coats can be added in to mix and match and for a chic look

  • In the spring/summer - want to ensure not too hot, consider lighter fabrics like linen, flowy dresses, shorts/skirts vs. pants, etc.

  • If its windy - consider pulling hair fully back or going for half up half down or headband

Don't forget to book a "Style Me For Photos" session to connect with one of our personal stylists to curate the perfect photoshoot looks for you.

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