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Weekly Faves: Blazer Edition

Blazers are such a great staple to elevate a casual outfit or even a more business casual and/or professional outfit. For years, I was so used to only a plain black blazer as my only blazer option. These days? There are so many other patterns, colors, and styles that need to be highlighted! Blazer can be worn with basically any outfit and is no longer saved for a strictly a business meeting. See below for some of our favorites!

  1. The Classic Off-White Boyfriend Blazer: I love a great white blazer, but I am so into an off-white/cream blazer. It's much softer and not as stark as white and often our undertones (whether yellow, orange, or neutral) look better in creams over whites. Here is another favorite white option: no button shawl collar.

  2. The Pastel Blazer: Pastels have made such a comeback during these warmer months. My personal favorites are pastel blue and purple. Consider purchasing a pastel blazer and creating a cool monochromatic look (for example: pastel purple blazer pair with a darker shade of purple shorts/skirts/trousers, etc...)

  3. The Plaid Blazer: Plaid is the perfect fall/winter transition when brighter colors don't fit the mood/weather but you still want that elevated look. I love pairing this over a cute turtleneck tucked in some high-waisted skinny, straight or flared jeans. Can also be also easily worn as a business-casual look under a pencil skirt/trousers over a silky blouse. The possibilities are endless!

  4. The Classic Black Blazer: Can't go wrong with a black blazer. A perfect fitted one is great, but a draped loose blazer can be worn with basically everything. Above, I paired a classic black boyfriend blazer over biker shorts and a cropped top. Feel free to cinch the waist with a belt for a more tailored look if the blazer itself is a bit loose.

  5. The Fitted Camel Blazer: A camel blazer to me is very Kate Middleton clean horseback riding style vibe. A lot of blazers these days are very loose and more of a boyfriend style. However, there is a something to be said about a structured fitted blazer. It's a great staple that has yet to be out of style! It gives an overall more polished tailored look that can be sometimes lost with a loose-fitted blazer. Here is another cheaper Camel blazer option!



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