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Transitioning your wardrobe into Fall/Winter with staples

One of the biggest questions we get from our community and clients is around finding the right STAPLE pieces for their wardrobe. We are sharing a little more on staples, the capsule wardrobe, and a sneak peak of how to start thinking about your staples for FALL!

Finding the right staple pieces for your wardrobe can be a game changer!

👉🏽you know the pieces you can go-to, which minimizes that feeling of being overwhelmed by your closet and streamlines the decision making

👉🏽you have more options to mix & match, minimizing the need to continuously buy more, and let’s you get creative in using what you have in your closet

👉🏽you start to define/better understand your personal style around these key items

When you start to invest in staple pieces you are building A CAPSULE WARDROBE...and let me tell you, this is a good thing. Building a capsule wardrobe has so many benefits and will maximize your wardrobe.

So what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

⋆ A mini wardrobe of timeless, stylish, staple, versatile pieces that you LOVE to wear

⋆ A limited number of clothes that can mix and match with one another to create many outfits

⋆ Essential items that you can wear for multiple seasons

⋆ A streamlined collection of high-quality clothing in coordinating colors that wouldn't have to be constantly replaced

Want to learn even more about the wardrobe staples concept with an emphasis on getting your wardrobe Prept for FALL? Check out our seasonal class with Skillpop class on this topic. The next class is next week on 9/7 and there are still a couple spots left!

Want to work with a stylist to get personalized recommendations on wardrobe staples? Check out our services here.

OKAY, so here's where we would start with Fall staples...even though we are big believers that when you find the right staple pieces, you can wear them year round.

Starting with the bottoms

Shorts are great, and you can totally wear shorts in fall with layers, tights, etc. for warmth, but you are going to be wearing MORE pants, and good denim is key.

You don't need every shade of denim, but would recommend a dark wash and a light wash. Not a denim fan? Totally fine, sub in joggers, slacks, or leggings. Linked the pics below for some inspo.

Switching it up with longer sleeves

Sweater dresses, long sleeve body suits, long sleeve blouses, turtlenecks are all great options. Consider neutrals with pops of color/patterns that match your personal style but aren't TOO trendy and will go out of style.

Pieces for layering (layering under)

You likely already have these from spring/summer but you can also think through adding some colder weather textures and styles. Same message as above and honestly throughout the staple piece conversation - neutrals are KEY to maximize your outfit options.

Mock neck (flowy/longer option) | mock neck (fitted option) | sweater tank | longsleeve bodysuit

Pieces for layering (layering over)

You can change your whole outfit with layers...we LOVE them and they are maybe the best part of fall minus the PSL... You have so many options from dusters, to cardigans, to sweaters over dresses with belts, the list goes on.

Shoe transition

I know many of us keep a good sandal handy for dressing up for a date night and wedding but for the most part we are in closed toed shoes in fall/winter and the shoe staples are definitely flats, boots (booties and taller boots), pumps, and sneakers.

chelsea boots (option 1) | chelsea boots (option 2) | booties (option 1) | booties (option 2) | knee high boots | mules | pumps

Okay, thats all for now, will be back with a part 2!

Hope to see you at our class with Skillpop on 9/7 and check out our services here if you want some more personalized recommendations and a 1:1 with a stylist bestie!




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