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Wardrobe Staple: Little Black Dress (LBD)

Today we're talking about a key wardrobe staple: the little black dress or "LBD". A little black dress is an essential to incorporate into your wardrobe. Before we dive in, when we say “little” that doesn’t mean it literally needs to be little. There are so many styles for this piece and options for you to find the LBD that works best for your age, body type, budget, and other preferences. Keep reading for more tips and our top picks right now!

Why it’s essential

  • You can wear it across seasons leveraging layers, boots, and tights for warmth in the winter time

  • The neutral black color allows it to be styled and worn countless different ways

Key considerations

  • Finding a more classic vs. trendy style

  • Finding a more classic option vs. one that has more statement details or embellishment

  • Length & style that best compliments your body type

  • Texture that meets your preferences and considering upkeep/maintenance

Top LBD picks right now:

Style tip #1: The accessories are key when styling your little black dress. Due to the dress being neutral, it is important to take into consideration if you want to go for a sleek monochromatic look or add a fun flare with colored accessories. For a night out, we recommend pairing your LBD with some fun, bold heels! If you want a sophisticated, sleek look, go for some black wrap up heels. This way you can keep it sophisticated and monochromatic while the extra length from the straps accentuates the accessory and draws attention to itself. Shoe inspo below

Style tip #2: For cooler seasons, throw on a thick overcoat with your LBD. This coat can range from a fuzzy parka to a belted trench coat. If you want a night on the town, more casual look, we strongly recommend a basic leather jacket. Prept tip here: a black leather jacket is a staple in all wardrobes. No matter the occasion, adding a coat or additional layer to your little black dress will help to add another dimension to your look.Some coats and jackets we recommend are linked below.

Style tip #3: If opting in for a cohesive look, add a neutral yet simplistic clutch or bag with gold or silver hardware to your look. Another way to make your LBD pop similar to tip #1 regarding shoes is carefully pairing a fun, vibrant bag with your dress. To find the perfect statement bag, when shopping carefully observe new colors, textures, prints, and shapes! These all add an extra fun dimension that is sure to spice up your look depending on the occasion.

Want help selecting the right one for YOU, per your body type, complexion, budget, and more? Book one of our virtual styling services and 1:1 time with a Pro that can curate looks & advice just for you in our app!

Just have styling questions? You can also chat with the Prept Team in our app / text us anytime @ 855-582-3573

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