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Transitioning your wardrobe into Spring

Spring is officially around the corner. With warmer weather and a new season comes the opportunity to refresh your style and wardrobe! We always recommend starting with a quick check in with your wardrobe to identify what you already to then identify those pieces you are ready to part with.


  • To make your wardrobe more organized and less overwhelming

  • Hone in on your personal style

  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe so you can shop smarter and make room new items

  • Keep the clothes that suite you and make you feel confident

Sharing some tips & Prept Picks (you can easily click to shop) to transition your wardrobe as Spring/Summer '23 approaches! And as always, book a style session here or in our app should you want 1:1 personalized assistance from a pro that can style, shop, and help you find what works best for you!

Invest in a versatile flat

These are functional, classic, able to be dressed up and down, great for warmer weather, and best of all, comfortable! Whether you go for the traditional ballet style, a mule, or a pointed toe version, you truly cannot go wrong. A neutral will have the most versatility but a pattern or pop of color can also be a great option to mix up and freshen up your look.

We are loving the shoes by female-founded brand Margeaux with a focus on versatile, comfortable, stylish shoes designed in New York and handmade in Spain! They have several fun flat styles and you can even customize some of them!

Rothy's, Sam Edleman are also still tried and true brands for all of your flat needs. Target also has some great options for affordable but functional flats.

Still stay warm (but not too warm) with Spring-y knits and other textures

It's not Summer just yet. So were still wearing sweater dresses, knit dresses, sweater sets... but Spring appropriate versions. This can be done by finding lighter knits, lighter colors, and styles that allow you to show more skin in warmer weather yet still have warmth for cooler nights, office, etc. Linen, silk, tulle are also lighter fabrics to consider trying out and mixing in. Side note: trending right now for other textures are fringe and feathers worth playing with.

Free People sweater set (that is currently all the rage and available in multiple colors) or popular Reformation top

Lighten up your shoes & let your toes out

You may not be totally putting away your boots and ready to start getting pedicures again just yet, but sandal options are going to start coming back into play! Whether you want to play with white booties, a new shade/pattern sandal, strappy sandal, slide, etc. you've got options for lighter spring ready shoes. These can be a fun way to add in a feminine touch, pop of color and freshen up your style and wardrobe. And let us just say you can absolutely not go wrong with a good news sandal that literally goes with everything. Don't forget some fun trainers or a good classic white sneak!

Add in some fresh whites (or off whites)

Here we are talking about everything from white tops (classic white t-shirt, blouse, button up, camisole) to white sneakers to white pants, & beyond. Spring/summer can be a great time to check in with our whites and see if they are still in tact. If stained, not in great quality like they used to be, now is a great time to replace.

Try some new tops

Show off some shoulder, cleavage, neck, etc. that's been hiding all winter taking off that layer and wearing tanks. Bodysuit styles can have a really clean, put together look with your bottoms. Camisoles can add a smart casual, classic, feminine touch. Casual tanks can be a cool option to dress up or down.

Or just incorporate some top options with color as you bring your wardrobe out of winter-mode where we know many lean neutrals and darker options.

Lighten up your bottoms

Play with cream, white, and lighter colored denim to start making new outfits with. These days there are now more lighter color legging options than ever to try out from cream vegan leather leggings to pastel hues. Trousers have never been more in and a white wide leg pants for spring/summer is a staple!

You can also leverage lighter textures like linen to lighten up your pant options.

Hack: Instead of finding whole new styles and shades see if styles you love have another lighter shade!

While we know some love a good distressed option, more classic styles with little distress will be the most versatile.

Mix in lighter colored shorts as you are ready to take that step too. Try out shorts with a high boot/blazer to still have coverage.

Switch up your outerwear

Change up your heavier winter coats and find lighter trench coats, cardigans, blazers, even scarves. These will help you freshen up your wardrobe for spring but still give you the coverage and warmth you desire especially on a chilly night. Move from darker denim/suede/leather jackets to lighter color options. Try a new fun blazer option and color to mix in for spring with a pop of color or white/off white.

Get dressed up

Swap your little black options for little white dresses, patterns, pastel hues, bolder colors, and more. We are seeing the maxi length show up quite a bit this '23 spring season but there is no shortage of midis and minis. Smoked detail is sill everywhere and can be flattering to try out should you want to accentuate your mid section.

Finding dresses with simple patterns and classic florals will be the most versatile and allow you to maximize the number of ways/times you can wear.

Don't forget your accessories to look polished and tie together your whole look!

Will be back with more spring/summer style & beauty tips. For personalized pics and looks curated just for you for your needs and preferences don't forget book a personal styling session here or in our app should you want help styling, shopping, and finding things that work for you!

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