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The new business casual

With the pandemic going on we have all had to make some major changes to our lifestyles and wardrobe. The good news is, it can be kind of fun challenging yourself to find new and inspiring looks, figuring out what's professional yet not PJs, etc. We know that everyone’s professional wardrobe needs vary, depending on if you are working from home or back at the office and your career, but I wanted to focus on some basic tips and style inspiration to try out.

New, with a hint of classic

First up is the classic go-to white button-up, but make it cozy! Instead of a traditional button-up cut try a looser fitting style and pair with denim, legging, even joggers. Another fun, comfy option this winter is playing with sweater layerings over top. Slightly more effort, but easy to pair with the same pant options for an even more preppy look.

Try these options out and don't be afraid to change up your typical (pre-2020) office button-up look...all of these options are still very classy, clean, and chic...and also professional/work appropriate! Further, your outfit will be less restricting and comfortable to wear all day but without compromising any professional look for those zoom calls / any in-office meetings.

Minimally Professional

Not going to lie, you can catch me in this range on most days while wfh, and I am living for it! Take your favorite cozy pieces and mix/match for a minimal, cozy look. I love seeing more of these sets with fun cuts/designs to elevate them just a bit and make them feel less like pajamas. This knotted top on the left is a perfect example of something very minimal, cozy, and versatile. If your day doesn’t call for many people to people activities, this is a great style to go for (and still look clean and professional if you have to hop on a video chat!) some great, quality materials to keep an eye out for with these are 100% cotton, cashmere, and linen.

At home blazer

We’re canceling the word “cardigan” and just renaming this the “at home blazer” until further notice. I mean at times the traditional blazer just feels like you are way overdressing these days, especially if you are working from home!

What can’t you wear under a good cardigan? The possibilities are endless. A basic cami or tank, a sweater or button choose. What’s so great about a cardigan is it pairs so effortlessly with all things. From jeans to leggings, you decide how comfy you want to be. For a more clean-lined look, go for a straight cut like on the left. Want more pop and personality? Try a textured color w a basic top like pictured in the middle. How about some edge and print? A fun cheetah style is great to go with some comfy black leggings and a tee!

Turtleneck Cozy

Last but not least, you have a comfy turtle (or mock neck!). Much like the cardi…ahem, “work from home blazer,” it is extremely comfortable and versatile while keeping you clean-cut and professional. I love a turtleneck styled with comfy leather legging, but they also look great with a relaxed jogger, denim, or regular legging as well! This look is great because you can grab a nice coat and bag and be out the door looking flawless if any office runs or video chats are sprung on you.

I mean Steve Jobs wore the black turtle neck all day every we can't help but feel its professionally pretty badass, and might maybe even make all of us billionares? One can dream

You can even downplay the look on-the go and out of the office with a baseball hat to look even more effortless - you have endless options per your own personal style.

Sharing some pieces to have fun & try out this cozy yet chic look below.





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