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Outerwear? Its called *Fashion*

So, winter is here and that means its peak time for layering (aka bundling up to stay warm yet fashionable). We will break it down for you here. Whether you're sporty, edgy, eclectic or classic, there are options for you that we are loving both on-trend and staples. Let's start off with some basic layering essentials though...

Every winter look needs a solid piece to tie it together. Here we have 3 on-trend layering essentials we're seeing this season!

First, you can't go wrong with a big comfy scarf. Fashionable and functional. What more does a gal need?

Next, the duster cardigan. Oh yes, it's making a comeback this year. Comfort & warmth from top to bottom & perfectly paired with a t-length coat!

Lastly (and definitely not least for me) is the oversized turtle neck. I'm loving seeing a staple like this paired with a classic wool trench, or even layered with an Oxford top.

Speaking of wool- can we talk about this oversized wool coat trend?! I am living for this! No need to feel stuffed in your fitted coat this year ladies! Pair your favorite sweater with an oversized wool duster and you are screaming chic elegance. This trend is so great because it truly gives you the comfortable freedom to layer up and be covered from shoulder to toe, while looking like a fashion goddess in the process. A true NY moment.

Next up is for my sporty girls! Were you wondering when the puffer would make its appearance in this post? Of course, I had to talk about the ever-evolving puffer! Just like the wool duster, this coat is giving freedom this year. Running errands and want to have that same chic feel on a more casual level? Puffer jacket. I even recommend getting a size up for that super effortless look. Gone are the days of a fitted coat, and thank you, fashion gods! For a warmer winter day check out the cropped puffer on the left. Super sporty, comfy, and easy. This box cut style allows for tons of layers underneath, without that fitted "stuffed" feeling. So don't be afraid to layer your favorite hoodie & sweater under the puffer, the oversized look truly seems to be here to stay!

Lastly, the Sherpa Jacket. Oh sherpa, how I love you. This jacket is great because it simply offers so many styles within itself. Here I have 3 completely different styles, all giving you versatility and total cozy warmth. From the cropped moto-style on the left for a more everyday feel, to a oversized sherpa, (similar to the shacket trend), to an edgy bagatelle sherpa. There are no limits to this cozy fabric. Perfect for a little less layering, while giving the same warmth. If you hate feeling layered up & stuffed in your winter coat, a sherpa might just be for you!


Of course I had to shop some favorites for you guys! Check out these selections below to "get the look!" For more personalized advise book a style session with me!

xoxo Chloé





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