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Styling a Monochrome Look

A monochromatic outfit can be such an easy way to level up your style game and try out a new way to achieve a chic, elevated look.

First...its all about starting with a neutral base. White/offwhite, greys, and blacks are a great place to start.

Second...its all about mixing in textures and differing shades of the same color.

Third...leverage jewelry for a little pop and some accent to your look.

To get you thinking here are some ideas and linking some different pieces you can play with below!

If you are going to go with a dress as a base

  • Try another shade shoe with some texture

  • Throw on another shade blazer / jacket / cardigan / duster

  • Play with an embossed or leather bag

If you are going with pants/top as a base

  • Think about denim and a silk blouse

  • Play with a silk skirt and a sweater you can belt/tuck

Try a set (for example this one) and play with a monochome look around it as it's already helping you get halfway there!

More inspo below!




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