Style Guide: Leather

Leather is everywhere year round these days with leather shorts popping up in spring/summer and everything from leather shackets to pants popping up in fall/winter.

If you haven’t tried rocking something in leather (vegan or real) what are you waiting for? It is a super comfortable (and warm) option to have in your wardrobe and can be styled in so many ways to incorporate the style vibe that you are going for.

Here is a roundup of some leather pieces to try, key leather styling considerations, and our top picks to check out

#1: Leather Jumpsuits

Leather jumpsuits are basically a ready made outfit, but they come in various styles. Whether you're here for a wide leg moment, a puff sleeve, or a tighter look, we're here to help! Further, you will find some colored leather options out there...we recommend a neutral to get the most out of this option but if you love color, go for it and a bolder statement look!

How To Style:

  • Add accessories - when styling a black leather jumpsuit, accessories are KEY. The majority of the leather jumpsuits are all black/neutral, so add a fun pop of color with shoes, jewelry, a headband, or even a scarf

  • Try a black an white moment - mixing a black jumpsuit with a white ankle boot or a white sneaker - this is a bolder look with contrast that is sure to stand out

  • Elevate with a heel - another fun way to dress up a leather jumpsuit is by pairing with a fun or classy heel. This will elevate your look and give it a more sleek approach. An extra tip is add some fun bangle bracelets to your look as well.

  • Add a belt to accentuate your waist - Leather jumpsuits that already incorporate a belt are also a great idea, pair these with a high heeled boot and some hoop earrings.

#2: Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are one of our favorite ways to incorporate this texture into our fall wardrobe this season / in general. They keep you warm, you can easily style them according to the occasion, and you can use them to show off your figure (in the right ways for you of course)!

How To Style:

  • A seasonally appropriate way we have seen leather leggings and faux leather leggings styled is with a neutral top or tight fitting bodysuit, a fun shacket or flannel, and your favorite pair of street style sneakers.

  • If you're looking for a GNO or dressed up look, leather leggings are still in the cards for you. To take this route, either choose your favorite sweater or bodysuit and grab a pair of over the knee boots.

  • High heels are great too, with this we recommend a slicked back updo for a more dramatic look.

  • Don’t forget to add hops or a statement earring if you try this! All in all, you can wear this staple piece in so many ways this fall.

  • The classic SPANX are one of our all time favorite options and have been around for years now and there is now a more patent leather option available to really shine/stand out. Note that leggings with a waistband (like the Spanx) will hug your torso more than an option like the Commando without a defined waistband

#3: Leather pants

Leather pants are very similar to leather leggings regarding styling. They are versatile, a statement, and perfect to throw on. The pants will generally be a little less form fitting than full blown leggings, likely a little more room to breathe and comfortable, yet still warm. Note that if you opt for a pair with fleece lining these will add extra warmth and thickness.

How To Style:

  • We are loving the split hem look when seeing leather pants. This is such a fun detail and perfect to play up with a great pair of sneakers or boots.

  • A top that goes well with leather pants is a high neck bodysuit or a long sleeve satin button down french tucked into the leather pants. Pair this satin top with heels and a sophisticated clutch for a dressy look. For the satin top, if your going or a moody tone make it monochromatic.

  • If you need another element or finishing touch to your outfit, add a pop of color by choosing a fun satin button down.