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Special Event Dress Finds

Dressing for events and special occasions is hard! Do you wear something you have? Do you buy something new? Most opt for the later after assessing what they have to work with. Thats where Prept comes in. We love to help you find the perfect looks for your events, from photos to weddings to vacations and more, we've rounded up a couple picks across different categories to share some styling tips and inspiration.


If you enjoy highlighting your hips or waist, a fitted dress may be the look for you. It's important to consider what you want to show off/cover up when deciding on the clothing pieces that are right for you. A fitted dress gives a chic, sleek appearance and is perfect for that nighttime cocktail or gathering. The more confident you are in your look, the better it will be. Here are some of our favorite fitted dresses on the market now.


A flowy dress can be appropriate for daytime events or a warmer tone occasion. Flowy dresses are also a great option if looking to cover up certain areas by not synching your body. Check out our favorite flowy dresses right now.


A neutral dress is a great way to not appear to flash yet still make a memorable appearance. By sticking with a neutral, you can play up the accessories and go for different styles of dresses. a deeper, or neutral dress can also appear more classy and elegant in the right environment. See some of our favorites linked below.


Floral dresses are the perfect for a classy brunch or a bridal shower. They also offer a quaint, yet chic and slick look when. styled right. For a more casual event, a floral dress can be the perfect option! Here are some of our favorites.


A statement dress is perfect when you want to incorporate basic or simple accessories. This way, your dress will be the min focus of your look. When styling a statement dress, be sure to not clash colors with your other pieces. Even if they are bland, make sure your accessories compliment the dress in just the right way. Not sure how to do that? We're always here to help! See some of our top statement dress picks below.

Want help selecting and styling event dress options for YOU, per your body type, complexion, budget, and more? Book one of our virtual styling services and 1:1 time with a Pro that can curate looks & advice just for you in our app!Just have styling questions? You can also chat with the Prept Team in our app / text us anytime @ 855-582-3573


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