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Refresh Your Work Wardrobe With These Essentials

The question we probably are getting asked by women the most recently is "what do I wear to work these days?" So, if you are asking yourself this question, know you are not alone! One of our top booked services is our Work wardrobe upgrade service.

Where and how we work has changed. There are so many new brands and styles. Business casual is the new norm. Comfort is now a top priority. The WFH wardrobe is now a thing.

At this point, most of us are feeling like our work wardrobes are all over the place, out of date, and we're not confident in what we're wearing. But we all want to feel confident at work.

Looking and feeling good is key to make going into the office more bearable, feel prepared for business trips and important meetings, and get that new job/promo we all deserve. So yes, it's time to look at what you're wearing to work and give your work wardrobe a little refresh (especially if your go-tos are still pre 2020 items from The Loft, White House Black Market, etc.)

If you’re a regular reader here the Prept blog, you’ve probably noticed how well-loved capsule wardrobes and wardrobe essential pieces around here. Classic pieces that are tried and true, never going out of style are the basis of a great work wardrobe.

Keep reading for classic pieces we recommend incorporating into your work wardrobe to give it a refresh. While they might feel basic, trust us, they are anything but. Investing in timeless, staple pieces will maximize your wardrobe and budget. You'll be able to wear these pieces many different ways to look polished and put together for every work occasion.

#1 Trousers

Aka non-denim pants. These are a must have, more elevated pant option. Trousers have honestly never been more popular to wear to work and literally anywhere else. There are several new styles with a more modern take on this classic pant option. You can go for a more fitted, tailored trouser, trouser with a wide leg that is cropped or full length, elevated cargo trouser option, and more. We recommend at least one pair. Try out different options to see which you like best.

#2 Button-up

The white button-up will be the most classic and we recommend one of these. You can also incorporate one with pinstripes or a solid color. You may need to try a couple different styles to find the one you like as there are more tailored options as well as oversized/boxy fits. The key thing with this piece and really all on this list is taking care of the quality: keeping it clean, fresh, non wrinkly so you look polished.

#3 Light Sweaters & Mock Neck Tops

The mock neck is too good. It's the ultimate piece to play with that give a Steve Jobs I'm creative cool yet professional, polished, and mean business vibe. All while being super chic, comfortable, and warm for the workplace! Light cashmere sweaters (yes you should have cashmere) are so comfortable, warm, and versatile. Throw on over your shoulders. Pair with skirts, trousers, and denim.

#4 Bodysuit

With so many comfortable options out there this piece is a must have. It cleanly fits in to your bottoms for a polished look. There are several necklines and styles to choose from. We recommend at least a tank and a sleeved option.

#5 Fitted knit dress

We recommend a fitted dress to maximize options for layering and styling the pieces in your work wardrobe. Your outerwear (blazer, cardigan, jackets) will fit the best with a tank style and this will be the most versatile and classic. If you don't love the idea of fitted and showing off your figure, you don't need to! You can leverage longer cardigans and boyfriend blazers to cover the bum and give the right amount of coverage over a fitted piece, trust us.

#6 Shirtdress

If you have read our other posts, you know we LOVE this piece per how comfortable and versatile it is! If you don't have one yet, it's time to try one out. If you have one, play with a new style in this piece.

#7 Jeans

The key to this piece is non distressed options, comfortable, classic styles that suite your body type. Comfort is essential for denim as you'll be wearing and sitting/moving around in for the whole workday. The straight leg, cropped with a slight kick, skinny, and cropped wide leg are all great options. We recommend classic blues and black options.

#8 Blazer

Definitely 1 of these, ideally 2+ to cover a lighter neutral option (white, cream, beige, camel) and a darker neutral option (black, green, blue). We also recommend a patterned option to incorporate your personal style and mix up neutrals and solid colors in your work wardrobe.

#9 Blouse

A nice elevated blouse. The most classic will be a sleeved option. Think a silky option with buttons, a simple floral or other simple pattern, not too trendy with embellishments/detail.

#10 Cardigan

The most classic style will hit right at your waistline and have simple buttons but there are several options for this piece per your individual style and preferences. For example, there is a longer shawl/duster style cardigan that we love to elongate your silhouette and give a chic look.

#11 T-shirt

But like a nice t-shirt not the one you're wearing to the gym. Not too cropped. When styled appropriately with a belt, french tuck, nice bottoms it is such a great work from home or office look! These can have fun sleeves, a color pop, or simple pattern/detail.

#12 Camisole

An essential piece to feel feminine, elevated, and polished as well as layer with all of your work outerwear like cardigans and blazers. This is the first piece we tend to think of for a great work to weekend wardrobe as you can just take the layer off and be ready for happy hour or date night!

#13 Skirt

This could be a silky or satin like skirt that can be worn in a cool monochromatic look (pieces of all the same color but different shades/textures) or a look with contrast mixing with complimentary colors black/blue with white/cream. or more flowy longer mini or midi option. Don't overlook this piece. A skirt is a great feminine piece to have in your work wardrobe!

#14 Boots

A classic style bootie or to the knee option, leather ideally or a nice suede. Don't be afraid to rock these at work!

#15 Nude pumps

Probably the most classic shoe. It goes with literally EVERYTHING. More than the black pump which doesn't translate as well with lighter colored outfits and across seasons. A slingback and block heel are different options to try or you can go with the classic stiletto heel.

#16 Flats

Mules, loafers, ballerina flats are all key to consider for your work wardrobe. Comfort is key for this piece.

#17 Jewelry

Clothes are great, but do not underestimate the power of the right accessories to tie your whole look together and look perfectly polished at work. For this category, we lean more simple vs. bold just to maximize versatility. You'll want: a good earring, necklace, ring, and bracelet to cover the basics.

Want our full work-to-weekend wardrobe guide? That includes how to build a workwear capsule wardrobe, several ways to style every staple piece we recommend and more (like the jumpsuit, sweater dress, layering tanks, mock necks, etc.), how to incorporate some more fun pieces to mix it up, and all the outfit formulas/ideas you could ever need... Yes please!

Ready to upgrade your work wardrobe and get curated looks just for you? Book our Work Wardrobe Upgrade virtual style service in the Prept App for personalized work wardrobe advice. You'll get an in depth session with a stylist to align on what you already have, needs, and preferences and full lookbook of shoppable looks that we'll show you how to style work to weekend!

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