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Quick Getaway to Recharge in Joshua Tree

As a full-time working mama, the new way of life during the COVID-19 pandemic has been exceptionally challenging - I know my fellow mamas (working or not) feel me! I constantly feel like I am wearing several different hats - mom, wife, caregiver, teacher, dog walker, housekeeper, cook... the list goes on. My days have consisted of working sporadically from 7 am to 11 pm at night, all the while trying to manage an energetic toddler and a household. Around month 5 of this "new normal", I felt as if I was spiraling into a complete point of burnout, and thankfully, my husband could sense that something was up. He offered for me to take a week to myself; to do whatever I wanted to do, and to take off my mama and wife hat for a few days and just recharge.

After some thought (let's be real - a whole 30 minutes of thought haha) I decided to take him up on his offer! I knew I wanted to go somewhere quiet and serene with lots of nature around to explore, and Joshua Tree National Park has always been on my bucket list. Two hours later, I had a plane ticket booked to California and a reservation for one of the chicest AirBnB's I've ever seen!

The AirBnB is obviously a vibe, so I knew I wanted to pack outfits to go along with the laid back and casual Cali aesthetic. I still had a few video meetings to attend that week as well, so I wanted to camera ready, too. I went for a bright desert color palette with some neutrals mixed in. The desert this time of year is a very hot, but dry climate, so I went with long and flowy dresses and 2 piece sets. A close friend of mine that lives in California joined me on the trip, so I had her snap some pictures of me in my new favorite Free People maxi dress.

While in Joshua Tree, I knew I wanted to explore the park as much as I could! There are many different trails and nature walks ranging from beginner level to hard, which was great news for me as I am definitely not an avid hiker, but I still wanted to get a workout in and break a sweat! Some of my favorite pieces to hit the trails are the Lululemon Get Centered Hi-Rise Tight, the Beyond Yoga Space Dye Biker Shorts, and the Beyond Yoga Featherweight Muscle Tank.

If you're a fan of the Lululemon Nulu material, the Get Centered tights need to be your next Lulu purchase! They are buttery soft, stretchy, and breathable, and they're so lightweight it's almost as if you aren't wearing anything at all! I will definitely be buying these leggings in ALL of the colors.

If you haven't tried Beyond Yoga yet, what are you waiting for?! Their biker shorts are seriously the best in the game - I wear mine to work out, cycle and hike, as well as lounging around the house and running errands. Style tip: pair with an oversized tee or one of their featherweight muscle tanks and sneakers for a cool athleisure look. Or, dress them up with a crop tank, blazer, and heels for an edgy night out look! And, the best part is, Beyond Yoga offers 15% off of your first purchase, which is awesome. Run, don't walk! If are an Amazon shopper you can also find them here.

Here are some pictures of me sporting my Lulu and Beyond Yoga faves at some of the hikes and trails in Joshua Tree National Park:

And here are a couple of my favorite pieces I packed:

Joshua Tree is by far one of the most beautiful places that I've traveled to! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit the park, take some time to myself, and to relax and reset during these crazy times. I will leave you with a few of my favorite shots I took of the dreamy JT landscapes! If you need me, I'll just be here swooning over this gorgeous desert color palette for the unforeseeable future.

-Amanda, Head of Client Experience + Lead Stylist


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