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QUAY Sunny Sale!

What’s that ONE item that’s in your bag year round? SUNNIES, duh! No matter the weather, hot or cold, rain or sun, they can pull an entire outfit together and are almost always an accessory that you don‘t want to live with out! Quay is an affordable and durable fun brand that lies in the bags of many A-List celebs such as, Lucy Hale, Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teagan and Kristin Cavallari (just to name a few). Aside from the fact the sunnies look expensive but sell for less, which is already a win in my book, they are also offering a BOGO SALE! They have not given an exact date as to when this sale is ending, they are only stating “Limited Time Only”, so i wouldn’t waste any time!

After all, you know the saying, two is better than one! ❤️

P.S. Just found out this sale also includes the blue light glasses!!


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