Product Review: Cult Gaia Alia Mules

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Hey guys! Here to share my product review on the Cult Gaia Alia Mules. So, as you know, we at Prept love Cult Gaia. They pioneered that whole straw basket handbag look and really started utilizing shapes and texture with their shoe collections. Their most famous product is the Ark Bag.

Shopbop had a huge sale last week, and I noticed these Alia Mules, in the color Cypress (I love olive as a pop of color to any outfit) and with the extra 30% off, I decided I needed to buy it. I loved the look of round wood heel which I think is so unique for a pair for shoes. Also, I can never hate on a pointy toe (tip: petites look great in pointy toe -- elongates your legs!)

Here are my thoughts:

  1. 1. I purchased a 6 and 6.5 as I read that you should purchase a 1/2 size larger than normal. SO happy I did that. Definitely want to size up half a size for this shoe!

  2. 2.The quality, color, and packaging is amazing! It felt so luxurious to me.

  3. Toe cleavage - when I tried it on, I immediately realized the toe cleavage, but didn't bother me too much.

  4. The wooden heel - my red flag - this was the feature I was most excited about. However, when I tried these on I felt like the back of my feet kept slapping when I walked -- which i think is because of the wood heel being to heavy.

Cult Gaia also sells the Alia in a slingback style which I actually think would be much better to prevent the slapping of the feet and the heaviness of the wood heel.

Overall, this was a return! I think if it were cheaper I would have kept it because they are so aesthetically beautiful, but just not practical. Opt for the Alia Slingback instead :)


Farah, Head of Style

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