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Prept Party LA!

Hey Beauties - Welcome to Prept Party LA! We are so pumped that you are here to enjoy our GNO + celebration of our company’s HQ in LA and new APP.

If you haven't already...Download the App to follow along with the event, shop items you see at the party, etc!

As you arrive we’ll check you in for the services that you requested on registering.

If you requested makeup, this will entail makeup enhancements versus a full application. If you requested hair, this will entail dry hair styles. For both we'll have a menu of options for you to choose from — check them out below!

Hair styling options available

Makeup enhancements to choose from

Personal Styling

To work with one of our styli take our style quiz in the app and book a styling session using code “freestyle” so we can get you matched with one of our stylists on site. They will help you during the event and after the fact sharing curated looks with you per your needs and preferences!

Shoutout and Thank You to our Amazing Event Sponsors!

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