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PREPT for vacay!

Hey, hey, hey I’m on vacation - FINALLY, travel life has resumed. I recently was prepping for my upcoming trip and noticed so much anxiety surrounding the idea of what to pack. I didn’t want to check my bag and I knew the only way around that would be to be certain that I didn’t overpack, which is a hilarious thought. I scrolled through my pinterest boards, found all of my favorite outfits and started figuring out exactly what looks i wanted to pull off and what would be weather appropriate, do not forget to check the forecast of where you are going. With inspo looks in check, I now needed to organize my day to day schedule, this way i could assign each outfit to a specific day.

My PREPT look book was absolutely perfect for this. Starting with the travel day, I began with day 1 - 5 and labeled each slide the activity I had planned for that day. I found this helpful for not only what to pack, but organizing my day to day as well (even if i knew it could change or vary once i get there). My goal was to repeat a lot of pieces, shoes and accessories mainly, since those can sometimes be the bulkier items. I knew that most places can get pretty chilly at night, so it was key that I included versatile outerwear options that could easily be worn more than once. I was able to condense it down to only two handbags and three pairs of shoes, the bulkier pair I made sure to include on the travel days, so I didn't need to worry about packing those. Honestly, the look book saved my life and my wallet. Because of the planned organization, I was able to pack way ahead of schedule and still fit it all in a carry on. Not to mention, on the day of, I knew exactly what to wear.

Yes ladies that's right, no wasted time sitting on the bathroom floor of your hotel staring at your mess of endless options (we all do it).

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